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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
Anypoint management that is comprehensive, easy-to-use and delivers faster time to value

Remote Software Installation and Software Distribution

Easily Administer, Distribute and Install Software Across Your Organization

Effective software distribution and software installation across an organization can be time-consuming and disruptive to end users, especially in a world where the need to provide frequent updates and deliver support for remote offices has become the rule rather than the exception. Travel costs and the effort associated with shipping systems or media for updates have become prohibitive, while heightened security concerns merely complicate an already difficult task.

The K1000 saves you time with remote administration, software distribution and software installation of virtually any application, service pack, update, hotfix, or any digital asset to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers. With the K1000, flexible, automated, targeted software distribution takes the place of time-consuming manual tasks, even across large distributed networks through remote administration. Updates can be managed through the use of dynamic groups which allow control over groups of like machines; for example, a group could be established for new Mac systems that would cause any new Mac entering the network to have standard software automatically downloaded upon first check in. Real-time Active Directory and/or LDAP integration provides simple alignment of software deployments with the organization's employee structure. Wake-On-Lan support helps to schedule your machines to power on to receive software updates or patches after hours, reducing down time and maximizing energy efficiency.

Targeting Machines

The K1000 provides excellent control over when applications are deployed and which systems are targeted. Simply select the timing for the software distribution, and then select individual systems, groups of systems or all systems. Control over software distribution timing and target systems minimizes end-user impact and ensures that only the appropriate systems get applications installed. The K1000 can deploy almost any package format to Windows, Mac and Linux systems, along with parameters or full command lines to customize installations. Supported packages include: .MSI, .EXE, and .ZIP for Windows; .pkg, .app, .dmg, .zip, .tgz, and tar.gz. for Mac; .rpm, .zip; .bin, .tgz. and tar.gz for Linux. The K1000 is equally good at uninstalling unapproved applications helping ensure a secure and compliant environment.

Snooze and Messaging

In some environments it is important to allow users to defer remote software installation, or to provide messages before or after an application is installed. The K1000 provides robust snooze capabilities that allow administrators to give users the option of deferring a deployment for a configurable amount of time. The K1000 also provides the option of providing pre- and post-installation messages that allow the administrator to inform users about a pending application installation, or the completion of an installation. For large application deployments or users that are sensitive to system performance, snooze and messaging are important to minimizing end-user disruptions.

Dell Client and Server Update Services

Dell provides regular BIOS and device driver updates for Dell client and server systems. The K1000 integrates with the Dell OpenManage Client and Server Update Services to provide administrators the ability to implement policies for applying the Dell update packages easily and flexibly across their Dell Windows systems.

The K1000 allows administrators to control different update policies for different populations of machines, such as providing automated updates of PCs and servers with schedules tied closely to server maintenance windows.

The K1000 offers intuitive search capabilities and views that allow administrators to quickly filter through large numbers of updates and easily track deployment status. The K1000 provides detailed summary data on Dell updates deployment progress and status. This allows administrators to quickly confirm updates have rolled out successfully and that systems are in compliance, and identify and remediate any systems where updates have failed.

AppDeploySM Live

Custom application installation parameters differ not only between applications, but often between versions of the same application. This can make determining the correct command lines or parameters for an application time-consuming and error prone. AppDeploy Live provides real time application installation information from, including command lines and application deployment best practices, significantly reducing the time required to customize application deployments.

Remote Replication

Remote replication allows all K1000 payloads to be automatically sent to a designated network share at a remote office. Any system at that remote office can then pull applications, patches and scripts from that share versus the centralized K1000. A single centralized K1000 Management Appliance can stage software libraries, script dependencies, file syncs, agent upgrades and patches to remote sites without the need for dedicated hardware or personnel at remote facilities. The remote replication share set up is easy to deploy and maintain, and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing a multi-site organization. K1000 remote replication makes this feasible by supporting a number of bandwidth aware features: