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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

AppDeploySM Live!

Delivering systems management best practices...on demand, via the KACE Management Appliance.

AppDeploy Live, a feature of the KACE Management Appliance, provides contextual access to's comprehensive database of systems management information and best practices. is the leading destination for systems management professionals. With AppDeploy Live, the latest and most relevant information on systems management and application deployment is conveniently delivered to the KACE Management Appliance console, when and where it is needed.

Information on hundreds of thousands of applications automatically cataloged by the KACE community, combined with best practices from well over twenty five thousand members, are now directly available via the familiar and easy-to-use KACE Management Appliance console.

Saves You Time and Saves Your Company Money

AppDeploy Live eliminates time previously spent hunting through multi-site user documentation, knowledge bases, user forums and readme files, as contextual information for the target application is available from a single, reliable community-based source. Read the King Research Report The Value of Online Communities outlining how over 80% of systems professionals save over an hour per week using communities like

With AppDeploy Live and the KACE Management Appliance, you can merge the collective power of today's most comprehensive systems management community,, directly with the tool that enables you to take action . And because KACE typically deploys in one day, requires no hardware or software pre-requisites and takes only hours—not weeks or months—of training, you'll see immediate return.


AppDeploy Live enables you to find the precise knowledge you need using the familiar, easy-to-use KACE Management Appliance console.


AppDeploy Live empowers you to leverage the combined expertise of the largest, most informed group of systems management professionals available. You access accurate and detailed tips, techniques and proven short cuts for the successful management and deployment of thousands of applications.


AppDeploy Live capabilities are included in the KACE Management Appliance. The appliance provides full systems management capabilities in an appliance-based solution, which have a low total cost of ownership.

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