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The Dell KACE appliance came in significantly less expensive than its competitors. I would say that the nearest competitor was about 200 to 250 percent more cost up front.
Bucky League, Desktop Manager
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart P.C.

Virtual Disk Utility

The Virtual Disk Utility provides a new means of managing files and data in a secure and portable manner. It does so by providing a mountable, encryptable, cross-platform file for the storage of data and documents. It is comparable to a USB drive in that is mounted as a drive letter in Windows Explorer and appears in the Devices list within the Mac Finder. It utilizes an easy-to-use interface that allows you to interact with the utility as you would any removable drive; then simply “eject” when done. The same file may be mounted on both Windows and Mac systems to allow access to file and folder structures identically on both platforms. The drive may be encrypted with a passphrase to provide security for sensitive data, and it has the ability to expand and shrink automatically, so that it makes efficient use of storage resources. Whether used to email files or share them on a network, or just for simple storage and backup, this cross platform solution to securing and managing files has many uses.

  • May be installed on both PC or Mac systems providing a flexible cross platform data management solution
  • An intuitive UI makes it easy to create, mount or disconnect virtual drives
  • For added convenience, virtual drives may also be mounted or unmounted by right-clicking on the files or drives that represent them
  • All data can be secured with optional encryption via a passphrase