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The EMA All-Stars for Enterprise Systems Management for 2008


In this EMA™ Research Report, EMA highlights what it considers to be the best available software solutions in a num­ber of specific disciplines, in order to form a 'Systems Management All-Star' team, and further highlights the ‘best of the best’ with selection to the All-Star First Team.

While undoubtedly a subjective evaluation, several objective measures are also used. Overall, the most important criteria used for selection include: Strength of product offering, functionality, and platform support; Commitment to product vision and delivering innovation; Customer feedback including satisfaction, and market penetration EMA’s perspective from independent evaluations of expert analysts

In this report, KACE was named as the “Rising Star” in Provisioning, Client Lifecycle Management, Patch Management, and System Configuration Management. "Combined with its innovation and growth, this makes KACE a rising star to be reckoned with."

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1
Introduction 2
Operating Systems 3
Provisioning 4
Client Lifecycle Management 5
Event Management/Console Consolidation 7
Server Virtualization 8
Operating System Virtualization 9
Application Virtualization 11
Desktop Virtualization 12
Virtual System Management 13
Database Automation and Optimization 15
Job Scheduling/Workload Automation 17
IT Process Automation 18
Wireless and Mobile Device Management 20
Patch Distribution 21
System Configuration Management 22
Change Management 24
Open Source Systems Management 25
ESM Suites 26
Other Rising Stars 27
EMA Perspective 29

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