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KACE Endpunkt Systemverwaltung Produkte

KACE Networks upgrades helpdesk and patch management, targets the enterprise


The 451 Group weighs in on KACE enhancements to its popular appliance-based systems management solutions as well as impressive revenue numbers. The 451 take: "KACE has, by all accounts, done well in its 'sweet spot' so far, but moving up the scale a bit is key to the company continuing the growth rates it now enjoys. We believe that the enhancements in this release, particularly the integrated patch management from Lumension/PatchLink, will make the KBOX a more compelling choice for larger organizations. In an increasingly crowded space where new vendors keep cropping up, KACE continues to stand out with its appliance approach. The more things an appliance can do and do well, the more companies will buy in to the deployment and management advantages that model offers. KACE seems to get this."

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