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IT Management 2011- Crowdsourcing, Communities Augment Knowledge Gaps

The New Year brings inevitable reflections on the year in IT past, and predictions for the year to come. One reality for IT managers in 2011 is clear: the daily challenges will be increasingly complex, and the body of knowledge necessary to master them immense. But help is available, in the form of problem resolution resources that include crowdsourcing and online communities. Leveraging the web, these vehicles can deliver helpful resources that put the power of many to work in your favor ̶ cost free.

"Crowdsourcing" is a distributed problem-solving model, combining "crowd" with "outsourcing." In its classic use, specific problems are broadcast to a like-minded group of solvers in the form of an open solutions call. Then the "crowd" typically forms into online communities, where they submit experience-based solutions. Key areas for IT-related community sourcing in 2011 will include application and OS deployment, especially around Windows 7 and Office 2010, and techniques for enhanced security and simplified configuration management.

2011 will see more fully realized implementations of web-based crowdsourcing models, helping to bridge the gap between individuals' knowledge and the combined experience of the IT community. To experience the value of such a community, check out all of the free resources available to systems management professionals at And Happy New Year!



Wynn White
Vice President of Marketing, Dell KACE.

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