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Scripted installs and Video, Audio, and Chip set drivers

Despite your best effort, adding drivers to the window_xp directory and recaching still does not clear the device compatibility issues with Video, Audio, and Chip set drivers in scripted installs. You see lots of PCI and other devices that still show the driver in not in the K2000 appliance.

Does this sound like something you are experiencing?

The issue is that vendors are coming out with multi OS drivers, many of which will not install in text mode. Adding the .inf, .sys, .cat, and other files will have no affect in Windows ability to install these drivers during the text mode install of XP.
Ninety percent of the time, these drivers are bases on the chip set drivers since many of the components are on the mother board.

When you see PCI\VEN_8086 as the prefix to the hardware ID in your inventory, you can bet that this is the Intel chip set driver. Many of these Intel based chipsets use the following drivers:



and occasionally,

Ricoh 5C847/R5U241

These drivers are not text mode based and must be installed as post install tasks. There are certainly other drivers that may be missing but the first two are common among most almost every computer manufacturer.

Intel drivers are very easy to install as post install tasks and here is how:

  • First extract the drivers. To do this you will need to either have WinZip or WinRAR. Just right click and select extract to. Browse to the location where you want them extracted and you are done.
    • If you do not have any of these, you will need to execute the EXE file and accept the terms of the install. At some point in the process you will see a prompt for where you want the files extracted. The best way to handle this is to type ".\HECI or .\SOL. These commands will send the extracted files to the same directory where the EXE was but in either then HECI or SOL folder.
  • Package the drivers. This is done buy opening the folder where the files were extracted and then zipping the entire contents of the folder. You should see setup.exe in the contents. After zipping, you are going to go to your K2000 Library menu and the Postinstall Tasks tab. From the drop down select "Add new application item". Then...
  1. Name the application Intel - HECI or whatever the driver is.
  2. Browse to the location where the Zip file is located
  3. Enter the following in the command window.
setup.exe -s -nolic
Save the task.
Updated on: 4/25/2011