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Steps to download and upgrade Dell Kace K1000 Appliance Software to version 5.3

Steps to upgrade Dell Kace K1000 Appliance Software to version 5.3 NOTE: Some of the links below refer to your K1000 appliance at http://k1000

Keys to the upgrade

1. Backup your database and files offline
2. Follow the Preparation Steps
3. Never reboot your box without direction from technical support.

Backup your database offline

These steps are well documented here. At the very least grab the kbox_dbdata.gz file which is the database. If you use helpdesk then you will want to grab kbox_file since it contains helpdesk attachments

Required Preparation Steps (Yes, Required)

  • Make sure you are on a supported release. Your appliance must be at 5.2.38773 or higher before upgrading to 5.3.47927 and at 5.3.47927 before upgrading to 5.3.53053.
  • Enable ssh in the Settings->Security Settings section. This will provide an easier path to recovery if needed. You can turn it back off following a successful upgrade.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to upgrade. The upgrade process can take several hours. Be prepared to wait until it completes or call technical support if you think anything has gone wrong. Do NOT reboot your K1000 appliance
  • Turn off Any Tasks that may be deploying a 5.1 Agent.  Examples:
    • GPOs
    • Login Scripts
    • Agent Provisiongs from the K1000 Appliance. If you have Orgs enabled check every org.
  • Review the list of issues from the release notes
  • Download the software update bin(s) 5.3.47927, 5.3.53053.

Keys to a Speedy Upgrade

These steps are optional but are recommended if your priority is for a faster upgrade. In most cases technical support will recommend these steps. If you are not sure then contact support.
  • Change the IP address of the K1000 appliance just before an upgrade. This will prevent any clients or users connecting to the K1000 while you upgrade it. This will greatly speed up the time it takes to shutdown all of the clients during the upgrade because they will already be disconnected. WARNING! DO NOT ENTER SQUARE BRACKETS IN THE IP ADDRESS IT SHOULD BE IN A FORMAT LIKE THE FOLLOWING SCREENSHOT:

  • Turn off Agent log retention. WARNING: This will delete the copy of the client logs on the K1000 appliance. There are a lot of historical client logs on the database and if you want keep them they need to be upgraded. However, if you turn off retention then there will be less to upgrade and you will greatly reduce the time it takes to complete this long step. Note that if you are on a K1200 appliance you need to do it separately in each Organization. If you do not turn off agent log retention then this step could take a long time. If you do turn it off (and back on) then you will only lose the agent logs that are currently stored. New logs can be generated. To see and of what logs will be deleted go to the inventory detail of any machine and look at the log section there.
    • Go to Agent settings and set Agent log retention to Turn off log retention
    • Click Save
    • Go to Agent settings and set Agent log retention to Save all Agent Logs
    • Click Save

  • Check the current logs for any errors that might cause upgrade problems.This is the list of logs to examine for any errors.

Upgrade Steps

From 5.2.38773 apply the k1000_server_5.3.47927.kbin file from the "Server Maintenance" page -> "Manually Update K1000". If going to 5.3.53053(once at 5.3.47927) apply the k1000_server_5.3.53053.kbin in the same manner after initial upgrade is complete.

Post-upgrade Steps

After the upgrade the K1000 appliance will automatically reboot. The upgrade is only successful if you see the following message in the logs, either during the upgrade or after it reboots, and you do not see any errors
[Wed Jul 11 8:12:49 PDT 2010] [notice] K1000 Server Update 5.3.XXXXX Complete.
[Wed Jul 11 8:12:49 PDT 2010] [notice] Preparing to restart the KBOX Server.
  • Check the update log for a successful upgrade (http://k1000/logs/update_log)
  • Accept the EULA and login to the K1000 appliance.
  • Trigger a backup and copy the backups off of the K1000
    • Go to server maintenance and run the nightly backup script.
    • Wait until backup is done.
    • Download your K1000 appliance database and store in a safe place.
  • K1000 client machines should be upgraded to the latest version as well, this is a separate, non-automatic step. You can download the 5.3.53177 bundle from here(release notes) for use with server version 5.3.53053.
Updated on: 2/15/2012