KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Dell KACE Konference 2010

Opening Keynote
Rob Meinhardt, President, Dell KACE
Marty Kacin, CIO, Dell KACE
Advanced Reporting and the K1000 SQL Database
Jody Evans, Trainer
Max Sprauer, Sr. Software Engineer
Alex Au Yeung, Support Engineer
Advanced User State Migration in K2000 v3.3
Corey A. Serrins, Technical Support Engineer, K2000
Matthew Lewinski, Engineering Manager
Best Practices for Windows 7 Migrations
AJ Paisley, Trainer
Jody Evans, Trainer
Bringing It All Together
Data Center Efficiency from Plant to Plug
Getting the Most Out of Your K2000 Boot Environment for Windows
Corey A. Serrins, K2000 Technical Support Engineer
Kent Feid, Technical Trainer
How Not to Reinvent the Wheel: Leveraging AppDeploy for Rapid Software Deployment
Bob Kelly, Sr. Product Manager
Improving End User Support with K1000 Help Desk Service Desk
Nathan Fluegel, Dell KACE Director of Education
Brian Burchfiel, Dell KACE Engineer
Gerald Gillespie, Dell KACE Kanadian
Inventory and Asset Management Best Practises
Andrew Souter, Technical Sales Manager APJ
K1000 Agent
Gilad Ben-Yoseph, Manager of Agent Team, K1000
K1000 Scaling and Tuning
Craig Ravellette, Director of Engineering, K1000
K1000 Software Management from A to Z
Christopher Blake, Dell KACE Trainer
Carmella Ireland, Dell KACE Trainer
K2000 Deployment Appliance 101
Dion Ridley, Solutions Architect
K2000 Imaging at Eddie Bauer
Timothy Hatter, Technical Specialist, Eddie Bauer
Mac Imaging with the KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
Chris Grim, Director of Sales Engineering
Corey Serrins, K2000 Support Specialist
Making the Most of Your Integrated K1000/K2000 Appliances
John Karabaic, Senior Product Manager
Patching in a High Demand Environment
Convexity Capital
Policy Based Patch Management
Jeffrey J. Hoover
Luis Lee
Mike Driscoll
Smart Labels and Advanced Deployment
Lorina Poland, KACE Koach
Using the Network for Defense
Juniper Networks
Villanova University Dell KACE Study
Villanova University
Awards and Closing Remarks