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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Dell KACE in Financial Services

Financial services companies rely on appliance-based solutions for real results

In today’s challenging business environment, IT Managers at financial services companies are wrestling with critical IT needs: increasing costs, managing IT in distributed and remote locations and increased regulations and security. Attacks against networks and systems are evolving at a relentless pace, aimed particularly at financial services companies. End user systems and devices are proliferating, and the operating systems they employ add layers of complexity to device management, often taking IT teams on the road to ensure security measures are in place in remote offices. IT teams also face increased pressure to demonstrate top and bottom-line value for security and IT investments, often with budgets that are flat or shrinking. 

The Solution

Dell KACE Appliances provide secure and compliant solutions for the financial services industry, helping to simplify IT systems management, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies while assisting organizations to safeguard against internal and external threats.. Dell KACE financially-fit solutions let IT administrators provide higher levels of security and make it easier to achieve compliance and manage IT assets at multiple locations, all through a centralized console. These solutions provide real results and the confidence that your IT environment and customer data is secure and your business is compliant.

Learn how others in the financial services industry solved their challenges with KACE.

Some Dell KACE appliance capabilities especially beneficial to financially services companies include:

  • Remote control capabilities allow IT easily manage and monitor systems from a central location, negating travel and ensuring that patches and software updates are implemented.
  • PCI Compliance is a high priority for IT teams as fines are high and consequences serious for any data compromise. Dell KACE Appliances provide the framework that enables financial service organizations to more quickly gain and maintain PCI compliance using fundamental systems management methodologies. These include automated patching, organization-wide software distribution and detailed reporting, all which help to increase security for point of sale (POS) systems.
  • Patch management is a crucial component in protecting systems at every location. The K1000 Management Appliance maintains one of the largest patch repositories available, with patches for Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as a wide range of application patches from vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Symantec and Mozilla.
  • Asset management can change from a time-consuming task to streamlined process with the K1000 as the appliance provides a comprehensive picture of all hardware and software assets in the network. The K1000 shows where significant savings can occur due to software license compliance tools and reporting.
  • Multiple operating system support is essential as operating systems multiply, and the K1000 manages Windows, Mac and Linux from a single management console.
  • Service Desk and User Portal functionality brings integrated end user support, including user self-service portal that reduces demands on overburdened IT support staff and provides quick remediation for end users.