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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Dell Endpoint Systems Management (ESM) Solutions in K-12 and Higher Education

The Dell ESM Solutions comprise the Dell KACE Family of Appliances, and provide affordable, flexible and easy-to-use solutions that enable mobile learning, ensure security and deliver comprehensive systems management on campus, regardless of device or location. Dell ESM solutions provide anypoint device management with support for Windows, Linux and UNIX servers, Windows PCs, Mac computers, and Windows tablets, as well as Chromebooks and network-connected non-computer devices such as projectors, printers, and networking devices. We understand the unique challenges faced by IT administrators in K-12 schools and higher education and the constant demands to do more with less.

Dell Endpoint System Management (ESM) features and benefits

Significant systems and user management efficiencies for hardware and software assets

Efficient imaging of hundreds or thousands of computers for new software and system builds

Streamlined service desk with quick resolution of issues and protecting school computers, networks and data while meeting security requirements

  • ­Access comprehensive and easy-to-use service desk, fully integrated with the K1000 asset and configuration management capabilities
  • Gain advanced functionality for automating repetitive management tasks and incident management as user or system problems arise
  • Leverage the K1000 GO App on your mobile device and be effective from all corners of the workplace, across multiple locations and even on the road
  • Enhance security with automated patching and vulnerability assessments, granular control over USB, storage and communication devices as well as by eliminating local administrative rights

Mobile device management for broadening student horizons

  • Support and secure mobile devices
  • ­Manage laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones with consistency and flexibility
  • ­Simplify solution deployment, device provisioning and security policy enforcement, across all device types




Customers Tell Their Story

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Michael Carter discusses how SBCSS gets full IT inventory and saves imaging and support time

Academy School District 20

Rich Batten, of the Academy School Districts discusses the cost savings, and labor saved by using the KACE family of Appliances

Pueblo School District 70

Julie Budz, IT Specialist at Pueblo School District 70 explains how using KACE saved the district from having to hire additional IT team members.

St Laurences College

Anthony Kennedy, of St Laurences College, discusses his satisfaction with using the Dell KACE Appliance’s service desk tickets to help identify issues and quickly close service desk queries.