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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Dell KACE in Government

Delivering comprehensive solutions to enhance services, provide infrastructure support

Government organizations de facto are faced with a multitude of unique challenges. By their sheer nature, local, state and federal governments must effectively respond to a variety of constituents who rely on their services to help keep them healthy, secure and supported via a variety of highly functioning agencies. And while the IT infrastructure necessary to provide this support is nothing less than mission critical, governmental IT departments are often characterized by the lack of both financial and human capital. Diverse user computing needs, geographically distributed organizations, and stringent accountability and regulatory demands ̶ all within seemingly impossible cost constraints ̶ can make obtaining efficient systems management in government organizations seem an elusive task.

The Solution

Dell KACE K Series Appliances are frequently the systems management choice for government organizations, where there exists an acute need for a solution that is comprehensive and affordable, while still being easy-to-use and maintain. The appliance form factor is the perfect all-in-one delivery vehicle, requiring no added hardware or software pre-requisites, no professional services fees for implementation and training, or added systems experts to use and care for the solution. 

Some appliance capabilities especially beneficial to government organizations include:

  • Hardware and software inventory means that institutions can understand all of the system characteristics of every network-attached device, ensuring they allocate both hardware and software effectively and economically.
  • Software distribution system-wide means that all devices can receive all digital updates, however frequently and regardless of user location. Gone are the time and expense of agency or department-wide travel required for ongoing system maintenance.
  • Disk imaging provides a streamlined way cut the time and complexity required to deploy and reimage systems, a chore which can gobble IT administrators’ time and an agency’s scant resources.
  • Windows 7 migration are greatly simplified with the capabilities of the KACE Appliances, including determining hardware readiness and performing user state migrations.
  • Asset management capabilities ensure the most effective control of hardware, software and non-computing assets, from purchase to retirement, empowering agencies to save money and remain compliant with such variables as software licensing.
  • Service Desk and User Portal functionality brings comprehensive and integrated end user support, including user self-service to reduce demands on overburdened IT support staff.
  • Multi-operating system support enables systems administrators to deploy and maintain a variety of operating systems from a single console, including the latest versions of Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Security audit and enforcement such as SCAP and OVAL scanning, as well as patching provide the endpoint protection necessary to both detect and remediate system vulnerabilities through regular scans and the application of both application and operating system patches.
  • Configuration and policy management ensures that agency-wide policies and protections are enforced, even to the level of detecting and removing non-approved software.
  • Remote control capabilities allow administrators to reach out and repair systems from a central location, negating departmental-wide travel.