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Unified Client and Server Management

Enhance Server Management Using Dell OpenManage™ Essentials

Your servers are the backbone of your organization, and their health and well being are critical to keeping IT systems operational, ensuring 24/7 business continuity. If an outage should occur, especially to a server that supports essential communications capabilities like email, it could result in huge costs and negative ramifications. These include lost revenue, hampered internal productivity, and reduced customer satisfaction or loss of business.

IT managers with limited resources have long struggled with two seemingly diverse challenges: keeping client-side systems fully operational for end users, while also ensuring mission critical servers are fit and functioning optimally. Much too frequently, organizations have taken a multi-pronged approach, utilizing disparate management tools that can tax the capabilities and time of an already overburdened IT team.

The Solution from Dell

Today there is a comprehensive, economical and straightforward way to manage both clients and servers utilizing a single interface. Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliances are already the de facto standard in endpoint management. And while KACE Appliances have always provided server management functions like software inventory, distribution and patching, other tasks such as server hardware status and health monitoring were not supported. Now, by combining Dell OpenManage Essentials (OME) with the K1000, KACE users obtain comprehensive control for Dell servers, storage arrays and network switches at no additional cost.

  • Effective IT inventory and asset management requires that comprehensive data is kept up to date for virtualization platforms, network devices, printers, computer hardware and software. OpenManage Essentials and the K1000 leverage industry-standard SNMP, IPMI, CIM, WMI and other protocols to fully automate and simplify this task.
  • Managing consistent system configurations across multiple systems is essential to the maintenance of a healthy computing environment. The combination of OpenManage Essentials and the K1000 enable this task to be centrally controlled across heterogeneous environments.
  • Keeping Dell hardware and software driver and firmware up to date is crucial to protecting your Dell computing investments. Both OpenManage Essentials and the K1000 offer fully integrated system update capabilities to best meet individual requirements.
  • Assessing and resolving security vulnerabilities can be difficult. The K1000 provides vulnerability assessment tools based on industry standards, as well as fully integrated patch management, configuration management and distribution capabilities to help find and resolve identified threats.
  • For server monitoring and fault resolution, OpenManage Essentials provides active system health monitoring via SNMP and IPMI, identifying any issues needing remediation to the K1000 service desk for swift assignment and resolution.
  • Comprehensive reporting is provided on data center assets and activities to track progress and validate maintenance processes.

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