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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Dell KACE and Dell AppAssure Provide Unified Data Protection

Effective Systems Management Teams with Fast Data Back Up and Recovery

While most organizations understand the importance of protecting critical data, most IT administrators struggle with outdated data protection technology, labor intensive processes and insufficient funding. Data protection has become even more challenging in an era where data volumes are doubling every eighteen months. It is equally critical to ensure endpoint security because that is the front door to any network.

The Solution

Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances and Dell AppAssure Backup and Data Protection and Replication products make it easier to protect systems, servers, and applications, increasing data protection coverage while reducing work for IT teams. Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliances are already the de facto standard in endpoint management. With the addition of Dell AppAssure, IT teams can expand this end point protection to include backup, recovery and replication for servers and applications. The solution speeds traditional data protection processes, by using KACE to quickly provide information on non-protected systems, thus enabling IT teams to implement AppAssure for faster data, server, and application recovery with minimal user downtime.

Protection for end point devices with Dell KACE

  • The K1000 enhances endpoint security by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities across end nodes. It also helps manage and enforce compliance with company policies across desktops, laptops and servers reducing the risk of malware, spyware and viruses compromising endpoints. When an endpoint becomes compromised, the appliance can quarantine systems to help prevent network infection.
  • Patch management helps provide comprehensive and reliable patching that is easy-to-use and affordable. KACE has one of the largest patch repositories available, with patches for Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as a wide range of application patches from leading vendors.
  • The security audit and enforcement capabilities of the KACE appliance include a number of pre-built policy settings for improving security, including enforcing firewalls, IE security and anti-virus settings. The appliance also includes both OVAL and SCAP vulnerability scanning.

Protection for servers and applications with Dell AppAssure 5

  • Dell AppAssure 5 protects both data and applications continuously, moves seamlessly across virtual, physical and cloud environments and recovers everything. Designed for virtual, physical and cloud environments, AppAssure 5 combines snapshot-based continual data and application Windows backups, Linux backups, daily data integrity tests and flexible replication and recovery options.
  • Dell AppAssure agent for Linux system-level backups and recoveries allows IT admins to protect Windows and Linux servers under a single user interface.
  • Dell AppAssure TrueScale™ scalable architecture backs up and manages growing data with line speed efficiency to deliver RTOs (recovery time objectives) and RPOs (Recovery point objectives) that measure in just minutes, rather than hours or days.
  • Global deduplication and compression technology reduces backup time so you can back up fast changing data as frequently as needed. It also helps minimizes disk storage footprint by up to 80% over traditional and single machine deduplication technologies.