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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Mac, Linux and UNIX Management

Centrally manage Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and virtual machines

Multiple operating system environments are taking their place in organizations of all sizes at an unprecedented rate. According to Forrester1, globally one in five information workers use an Apple product for work and according to Gartner2, Mac OS X has increased market share by 150 percent in the last five years and is projected to continue to increase to 5.2 percent of all PC shipments by 2015. The reality that systems managers will be charged with effectively maintaining multiple OS environments—whether it be Windows, Mac or Linux—is here today.

The Solution

The Dell KACE Management Appliances are designed to help save you time and save your company money by providing end-to-end, Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual machine systems management capabilities via comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable appliances. Both KACE appliances  ̶  the K1000 Systems Management Appliance and the K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance (K2000) – are available as on-premise physical or virtual appliances. The on-premise appliances support plug and play deployment onto your LAN and are simple to upgrade and maintain. Virtually no upfront programming is required to enable the appliances. In addition, the K1000 offers a hosted, cloud option, via K1000 as a Service*, providing users with a variety of cost-effective deployment options.
The K2000 comes equipped to image Windows and Mac systems out of the box with a number of key benefits:

  • Save time by reducing redundant transfers in the capture, storage and deployment of images through the K2000 innovative file-based image format.
  • More seamlessly manage and deploy images on Windows and Mac platforms from a single centralized administrative console.
  • Automate pre- and post-operating system deployment tasks with a powerful task engine.
  • Deploy and image large numbers of Windows and Mac systems quickly and reduce bandwidth consumption with multicast deployment, simultaneously deploying a single image to multiple systems.
  • More quickly diagnose and repair machines through the K2000 recovery console, using re-imaging only as a last resort. If you have to re-image corrupt machines, the K2000 allows you to more easily recover critical files before doing so.

Cross Platform ManagementMac, Linux and UNIX features of the K1000 include:

  • Device discovery and inventory helps auto-discover network-wide software and hardware configurations through managed virtual agents for a full computer inventory of Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX systems. It includes an easy-to-use web interface and wizard-based reporting.
  • Asset management helps unify and automate non-computer and computer inventory and asset management processes from deployment to retirement, including asset data audit, tracking, compliance and reconciliation using an appliance-based approach for Mac, Windows, Linux and UNIX. 
  • Software distribution helps save you time with remote administration, installation and distribution of applications, service packs, updates, hotfixes or digital asset to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers. More flexible distribution takes the place of time-consuming manual tasks, even across large distributed networks.
  • Patch management provides more rapid, accurate and secure patch management for Windows, MAC and third party applications, allowing you to proactively manage threats by helping automate the collection, analysis and delivery of patches throughout your organization.
  • Configuration and policy management is more comprehensive and easy-to-use, and employs K-Scripts and shell scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It provides user options to run policies and shell scripts on schedules or immediately.
  • Service desk provides more easy-to-use, configurable and integrated functionality for trouble ticket management including policy-based workflow across ticket submission, tracking and resolution, and is pre-integrated with key functionality.
  • Virtual machine management with the K1000 provides integrated functionality to help simplify client management tasks in mixed virtual and physical environments. This enables users to manage virtual environments in the same manner as physical environments. Mac platform users can manage Windows and Linux machines running on Parallels or VMware's Fusion, as well as Leopard virtualized on Parallels Server.

1 Apple Infiltrates The Enterprise And Reshapes The Markets For Personal Devices At Work, Frank E. Gillett, Forrester
2 Forecast Analysis: PC OS Market, Worldwide, 2008-2015, 2011 Update

* K1000 as a Service may not be available in all regions, please check with your local representative for availability.