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Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you rely heavily on the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure.  System downtimes can be costly and lead to loss of productivity, employee dissatisfaction, bad customer experience and loss in business. The ability to easily report, track and remediate system issues is a critical requirement for any organization. Users should be able to report problems and create trouble tickets quickly and easily. Support organizations should be able to track and manage tickets, related tasks and workflows to quickly diagnose and remediate issues. A comprehensive Helpdesk software solution integrated with systems management tools can help reduce employee downtime, improve customer satisfaction and increase call resolution rates.


Dell KACE offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use appliance-based help desk software solution that is fully integrated with the K1000 Systems Management Appliance. It offers advanced functionality to help automate repetitive management tasks, as well as providing incident management as user or system problems arise. This integrated approach to process and incident management reduces errors and manual efforts while assuring high service levels and improved end-user satisfaction. It streamlines the process of creating and managing trouble tickets, addressing technical support issues and their remediation through integrated systems management. Customer satisfaction surveys help measure and track the quality of the user experience with the Helpdesk. It also provides the platform for creating and tracking process work flows and thereby helps improve IT efficiency and employee productivity.

The KACE Helpdesk offers the following features:

  • Functional Pre-integration – Because it is appliance-based, the KACE Helpdesk software comes pre-installed with all the necessary components, making it easy to setup and use. The appliance comes with all functionality available from a single UI and all data pre-integrated.
  • Policy-based Workflow – The KACE Helpdesk includes the ability to set up multiple support queues and configure process-based rules to govern the flow of tickets, whether they are incident-based or process-based.
  • Help Desk Customization – The KACE Helpdesk is fully customizable to each organization's unique requirements and processes.
  • Service Process Management – The KACE Helpdesk service process management capabilities allow organizations to define and manage standard, repeatable tasks, such as new employee on-boarding, which can be created once and then reused each time the service task is needed.
  • Incident-based Management - IT organizations invest significant time and effort managing user and system incidents to insure high quality service to their user community. Using the power of the KACE Helpdesk, IT organizations can improve their incident management by leveraging the sophisticated ticketing system and policy-based workflow, which is integrated with the rest of the K1000 asset and configuration capabilities.
  • User Portal - The K1000 makes it easy for users to submit support requests by email or through the user portal, so that they can log their first request in seconds. The portal then allows users to access a flexible knowledge base, see hardware and software inventory information, install IT controlled software packages and raise and view support requests.
  • ITIL Best Practices – The KACE Help desk meets ITIL Service Desk requirements for ticket submission, tracking and management functionality as outlined in ITIL's Service Operation book. It can provide flexible incident and problem submission and tracking and management capabilities, all integrated with K1000 asset management. This allows for a more rapid implementation of the ITIL Operations Module.

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