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We had to work smarter, we had to do more with less. Dell KACE helped us do just that.
Anthony Kennedy, IT Operations Manager
St Laurence's College

Virtualization Technologies

Leveraging Sophisticated Capabilities in Straightforward Ways

The popularity of virtualization is increasing rapidly, and organizations of all sizes are utilizing various forms of virtualization to maximize hardware investments, reduce energy costs, increase configuration flexibility and streamline application deployment. Still, the options and application of virtualization are varied, and the many ways the technology can be implemented and the subsequent need to manage it can become overly sophisticated, confusing and costly.

The Solution

Dell KACE assists organizations embrace the real return offered by virtualization by delivering systems management solutions that take advantage of important uses of virtualization technology. Each approach provides unique systems management capabilities combined with the flexibility, resource conservation and cost savings that virtualization promises.

Desktop and Application Virtualization

Desktop and application virtualization are becoming increasingly popular, but a “one size fits all” virtualization strategy is not the answer. Dell vWorkspace can assist whatever the individual need, whether it be a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), offline/local VDI or Terminal Server/RD Session Host. With Dell vWorkspace administrators can deploy a blended model, pairing the appropriate technologies with users based on their unique needs. This helps keep the average cost per virtual desktop to a minimum. And with the Desktop Cloud capability, you can easily deploy virtual desktop environments of any size in minutes using the free Microsoft Hyper-V Server™. Desktop Clouds are load-balanced to ensure optimal performance, and allow the addition of capacity in seconds for unparalleled elasticity. In a single solution, Dell vWorkspace provides choice and flexibility to simplify the deployment and management of desktop virtualization technologies.

Dell KACE Virtual Appliances

For those who have deployed a virtual infrastructure, Dell KACE offers its appliances in virtual models, the Dell KACE VK 2000 Virtual Deployment Appliance and the Dell KACE VK1000 Management Appliance. The VK Appliances eliminate the need for dedicated hardware, while delivering all of the comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable features and capabilities of their physical counterparts. VK Appliances can be deployed on VMware Infrastructure, and because of their virtual nature, they are intrinsically:

  • Affordable, allowing organizations to easily control the amount of hardware dedicated to each appliance and the ability to run multiple VK Appliance instances without additional cost
  • Scalable, because they can be rapidly provisioned, reconfigured and moved
  • Easy to support, because upgrades include all appliance components

Virtual Machine Management

To maximize hardware utilization and reduce energy demands, server virtualization is becoming main stream for organizations of all sizes. The growing number of mixed physical and virtual machine environments has exacerbated existing management challenges, including systems deployment, hardware and software inventory, asset management, patch management, license compliance, administration and security. Dell KACE Appliances provide the integrated functionality to simplify these systems management tasks in mixed virtual and physical environments including:

Dell KACE Secure Browser

The browser has become the primary point of compromise for a growing number of security threats. The Secure Browser is a security tool that addresses these concerns by providing a virtual instance of an Internet browser application.

  • Fully contained from the system, all changes made to the system while browsing the web are contained in a virtual instance of the browser which may be easily reset
  • If the browser should initiate a process, the user can be alerted to approve the execution. To keep such prompts to a minimum, allow and deny lists can be easily maintained.
  • You can restrict where the browser may go using optional white and black lists which may be used to limit from which sites the browser may or may not load data.

The Secure Browser may be downloaded here as a free tool. Users of the K1000 Management Appliance gain additional unique controls through its ability to remotely deploy, monitor and manage these secure browsers organization-wide. Particularly valuable is the ability to enforce white and black list entries for managed systems. The K1000 provides centralized deployment and management of the Secure Browser. Please click here for more details.