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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
Anypoint management that is comprehensive, easy-to-use and delivers faster time to value

Power Management

Real Savings, Corporate Responsibility, Potential Utility Rebates

Regardless of the reason for wanting to manage the power consumption on client systems, the K1000 Power Management features provide an easy to use interface for developing a power control profile for an entire population of client systems, or unique profiles for specific groups of clients, whether they are Windows or Mac. Once created, the power profiles are deployed and enforced using the K1000's powerful configuration management capabilities. A potentially complex and time-consuming process, power policy implementation and enforcement using the K1000 is both easy and fast. Organizations can implement automated client shutdown polices which are based upon a schedule or on system inactivity. K1000 managed systems can be put in one of a number of power savings states, from simply powering down individual components, such as the hard drive or monitor, to reaching maximum power savings by completely powering down the entire system. The K1000 even makes the task of initiating automated Wake on LAN (WoL) commands fast and easy thereby allowing powered-off systems to be started to allow for after-hours patching, updates and maintenance. The Power Management features in the K1000 also include pre-configured and ad hoc reporting so it becomes easy to demonstrate the value and savings generated by implementing and enforcing a power policy.

Power Policy Creation Wizard

The K1000 provides a wizard-based interface for developing power policies, eliminating the need for administrators to create power configuration scripts or know any client power consumption data. The K1000's intuitive point-and-click interface, using a step-by-step wizard, allows easy development of the rules defining when client systems are placed into low power modes for potentially significant savings.

Power Policy Implementation and Enforcement

After creating the desired power management policies, administrators can quickly and easily deploy them using the K1000's comprehensive and powerful configuration management features. These include distributing the power policy scripts to the client systems and then insuring that the scripts are consistently enforced across the population of target systems.

Wake on LAN (WoL) Control

Implementing power management policies that shut down systems at night and over weekends can make it difficult to update and patch those systems off-hours. Reliably powering up those systems needs to be accomplished before any maintenance tasks can be performed. The K1000's WoL capabilities allow IT administrators to easily configure, schedule and target the issuance of WoL commands to power up PCs and Macs for maintenance and patching. After the maintenance is complete, the K1000 can power the systems back down to a power-saving state.

Power Management Reporting

The K1000 provides administrators with the ability, using pre-defined reports, to graphically display and document the savings achieved by implementing and enforcing power management policies. Using the K1000 provided pre-defined reports, or creating custom reports from the power profile data stored in the K1000 Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB), administrators can clearly show the savings from implementing power management policies.