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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
Anypoint management that is comprehensive, easy-to-use and delivers faster time to value

Patch Management & Deployment

Easily Configure, Schedule, Track and Report Patch Deployments

Unpatched systems are a serious security liability and leave networks vulnerable to attack. Patch Management is also an important element for compliance with government regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.

K1000 patch management saves organizations time and money by providing comprehensive and reliable patching that is also easy-to-use and affordable. This gives organizations robust security without the time, complexity and cost of traditional software solutions. K1000 patch management is powered by Lumension, the industry's leading patch management solution. The K1000 provides one of the largest patch repositories and offers WSUS content parity, plus supports Mac patch management, as well as a wide range of applications from vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Symantec and Mozilla.  Now you can jettison the extra infrastructure required to patch manage heterogeneous environments. The K1000 also utilizes Lumension's Digital Fingerprint™ Technology to accurately and reliably assess and remediate vulnerabilities. All of these capabilities are managed through the intuitive K1000 Web-based management console, where administrators can control scanning and distribution schedules to minimize business disruptions.

Configuring and Scheduling Patches

The K1000 gives administrators the flexibility to implement the patch management tools and processes that fit their environment best. Administrators can optimize patching schedules by only downloading the patches that they need when they need them, thereby optimizing the overall appliance performance, and eliminating the need to manage patches that are not applicable. The K1000 also allows different groups of machines to have different schedules for vulnerability assessment and remediation. These groups can be dynamic based on filtering criteria, so that the patches can then be mapped onto pre-approved detect and deploy dynamic groupings to ensure end systems receive their updates with minimal if any IT intervention. Administrators get the control they need to enforce different policies for different populations of machines, such as providing daily assessment and remediation of PCs, and weekly assessment and remediation for servers.

Tracking and Reporting

Administrators coordinating patching updates across complex and distributed user bases get visibility into the patching phases on a per machine basis, and can control scheduling of the patches with the ability to set up patch windows with hard stops to ensure no interruption for users during business hours.

The K1000 also provides summary data on patch management and deployment progress and status. This allows administrators to quickly confirm patches have rolled out successfully and that systems are in compliance, and identify and remediate any systems where patching has failed. The K1000 makes it simple to generate patch compliance reports with a wide range of pre-packaged reports, an easy-to-use reporting wizard for creating custom reports and integration with 3rd party reporting tools.

Patch Management and Deployment

As the mobile user population grows, maintaining security and associated patch levels with the K1000 can be highly automated, and set up to provide remote mobile workers options to ensure their critical access to IT services is not delayed. End users, particularly those who are remote and mobile with limited time on the actual network, can prioritize their work using now/later/snooze options for patches requiring reboots. In addition, the huge number of patches released every month can make identifying, prioritizing and tracking patches a challenge. The K1000 offers intuitive search capabilities and views that allow administrators to quickly filter through large numbers of patches and easily track patch deployment status.