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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
Anypoint management that is comprehensive, easy-to-use and delivers faster time to value

Chromebook ManagementNew Feature

K1000 is the first systems management solution in the industry to integrate Chromebook inventory into asset management, service desk and reporting.

IT Inventory Management and Device Discovery

K1000 device discovery and inventory auto-discovers network-wide software and hardware configurations through managed agents or agentless network scanning, for the most complete computer inventory possible.

K1000 as a Service

The K1000 offers three different deployment options, on premises via a physical or virtual appliance, hosted via K1000 as a Service. K1000 as a Service provides all the benefits of the K1000 appliance in an “as a service” delivery model. You simply pay for the number of devices managed on a subscription basis and Dell takes care of hosting the appliance.

Patch Management & Deployment

K1000 patch management, powered by the industry's leading patch management solution, provides WSUS content parity, plus third party patches and Mac OS patches to deliver comprehensive and reliable patching that is also easy-to-use, affordable and designed to save you time.

Service Desk Management

The K1000 service desk provides easy to use, configurable and integrated functionality for managing ticketing and workflow for both incident-driven problem resolution, and task-based service activities.

Configuration and Policy Management

The K1000 provides comprehensive and easy-to-use configuration policy management and enforcement for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

IT Reporting and Dashboards

The K1000 provides prepackaged reports and wizard-based reporting tools to easily generate routine and ad-hoc reports.

Remote Replication, Administration and Site Management

The K1000 can effectively manage remote offices without the need for dedicated hardware at those locations through remote replication and alternate download locations.

Broadcast Alerts

K1000 broadcast alerts can notify users of impending outages, systems updates or changes and can eliminate or augment voicemail messaging, ensuring users are provided with up-to-date system status reports.

Organizational Management

K1000 organizational management allows administrators to define management domains based on the desired scope of device control for effective management in decentralized IT environments.

Server Management & MonitoringNew Feature

K1000 makes it easier for IT administrators to gain visibility over their servers with agentless inventory of Windows, Linux and UNIX environments and new log monitoring of servers.*

*Server monitoring is an add-on service. Please check with your local representative.

K1000 GO Mobile App

The K1000 GO app empowers IT administrators and end users with the ability to access the K1000 from mobile devices. Now IT admins can provide desk-side service and in-field systems management, and end user can access knowledgebase articles and submit service desk tickets, regardless of location.

IT Asset Management

K1000 IT asset management unifies and automates non-computer and computer inventory and asset management processes from deployment to retirement, including asset data audit, tracking, compliance and reconciliation.

Remote Software Installation and Software Distribution

K1000 software distribution saves you time with remote administration, installation and distribution of any application, service pack, update, hotfix, or any digital asset to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and servers.

Power Management

The K1000 power management capabilities provide an easy-to-use wizard for creating power management policies that are distributed and enforced across Windows and MAC systems to provide energy cost savings and demonstrate a commitment to "Green IT."

IT Security Audit and Enforcement

K1000 security audit and enforcement provides advanced scripts and utilities that automatically find and remediate security vulnerabilities and enforce security policies.

Administrative Alerts

K1000 administrative alerts can be configured to notify administrators of system related events that may require attention to prevent interruption of IT services.

PC Remote Support

K1000 remote control capabilities are important to distributed organizations that are resource constrained, as they allow the administrator to perform remote repair on problems without requiring travel or visits to service each effected systems.

ITNinja for Systems Management Pros - Dell Kace

ITNinja, a product agnostic IT pro community, provides a direct feed into the K1000 Management Appliance, for an effective way for users to access systems management best practices, on demand.

Automated IT Administration

All K1000 administrative tasks are accomplished via an easy-to-use, familiar tab-based user interface allowing administrators to quickly accomplish a wide breadth of systems administration tasks.