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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
The easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems deployment solution.

System Repair and Recovery

Easily Access and Mend Network Machines

The requirement for systems administrators to physically visit the machines of users to perform critical system repair and recovery tasks has long been a resource intensive activity. The K2000 Deployment Appliance enables remote recovery of corrupted systems that are unable to boot to the local hard drive, reducing deployment costs and time by eliminating desk visits to systems that fail to provision correctly or become corrupted over time.

K2000 Boot Environment (KBE)

For Windows platforms

The K2000 greatly simplifies systems recovery via the K2000 Boot Environment (KBE), a customized Windows PE-based environment that allows administrators to execute a wide range of recovery tasks such as adding, deleting, or modifying files, editing registry settings, starting or stopping services, and repairing the master boot record. Access to this wide range of recovery capabilities via a point and click interface makes it easy for administrators of all levels to effectively recover corrupted systems.

Mac OS X NetBoot

For Mac platforms

The K2000 offers a second pre installation environment, Mac OS X NetBoot, to recover systems residing on the Mac platform. The intuitive Finder interface allows administrators to easily select a system component to explore, diagnose, and repair as needed. Furthermore, administrators can edit files in a Mac system in a manner mirroring normal operation in OS X. With Mac OS X NetBoot, administrators of all levels can quickly repair and recover Macs, minimizing end-user downtime.

Remote Control

KBE and Mac OS X NetBoot can be accessed remotely from the web-based K2000 Deployment Appliance console via built in Java-VNC. Remote control of the recovery environments enables technicians to avoid costly and time-consuming desk visits.