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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
The easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems deployment solution.

Windows Network OS Install

Streamlined Windows OS Deployment and Gold Master Creation

System administrators face numerous complications in the process of installing operating systems across a network and general PC provisioning. Performing systems deployment and maintaining a myriad of up-to-date gold master images across increasingly diverse hardware platforms has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, systems administrators may not be able to provision one-off machines that serve a specialized function with existing images. Fortunately, the K2000 Deployment Appliance has come to the rescue. The network OS installation (scripted installation) capability of the K2000 provides hardware independent PC provisioning of systems by deploying a standard Windows setup from scratch over the network.

Hardware Independent Deployment

Scripted installation is essentially an automated Windows installation executed over the network. This allows Windows to be installed in a remote and unattended fashion, reducing the costs and complexity of deployments. Users can remotely provision any desktop, laptop or server with a single scripted installation regardless of computer hardware configuration. Scripted installations provide a reliable and customizable method for deployment in heterogeneous hardware environments and an efficient way to build and maintain gold master configurations. Applications and files can also be integrated with scripted installations, enabling complete systems provisioning.

Pre and Post Installation Tasks

Pre and post installation tasks contribute towards the automation of K2000 scripted installations. K2000 pre installation tasks include disk, RAID, and BIOS configuration while post installation tasks include sysprep automation, domain joining, and service pack, application and script deployment. With the K2000 Deployment Appliance, system administrators can rest easy. The days of spending hours to manually build out a single machine are a thing of the past.

Automated Driver Slipstreaming

The K2000 eases network OS installation by automatically including the correct drivers in each setup. The vast prebuilt K2000 driver library in conjunction with driver verification reporting simplifies the network OS installation process. With driver verification reporting, administrators can verify prior to deployment whether all the required drivers are resident in the K2000 deployment library. Missing drivers can easily be added to the K2000 library, and will automatically be included in deployments. Driver verification reporting along with automated slipstreaming of drivers increases both the reliability and ease of deployment.