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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
The easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems deployment solution.

Computer Inventory Scanning and Assessment

Easy-to-use, Agentless Inventory Tracking and Diagnosis

The first step in deploying systems is to discover target machines and assess them to determine if they meet the requirement for a particular deployment. The K2000 Deployment Appliance allows administrators to easily identify target machines via network scanning and determine their hardware specifications and driver requirements.




Network Scanning

The K2000 Deployment Appliance console includes robust network scan capabilities via ICMP-based ping and port scanning. This allows administrators to easily discover systems within a network that are available for deployment.

Driver Verification Reporting

The K2000 Deployment Appliance console also discovers all of a machine’s plug and play devices and displays their driver compatibility with a target operating system. This allows administrators to confirm that they have all required drivers before executing a network OS installation, which dramatically improves deployment reliability. If a required driver is not found in the K2000 deployment library it can be easily added. Simply move the desired drivers into the driver library folder and hit the “recache all drivers” button from the K2000 Deployment Appliance console─it could not be easier.