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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
The easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems deployment solution.

Centralized Deployment Library

Comprehensive Deployment Asset Repository

Operating system deployments are typically time and resource consuming tasks, and they have become increasingly prone to error as mixed environments and their associated requirements proliferate.

The K2000 deployment library is the central repository of all system deployment assets including images, network OS installations, drivers, applications, and scripts. The global, centralized deployment library eases systems provisioning, image storage and management. This centralized and integrated approach improves provisioning consistency and reliability by helping to ensure that the correct image or setup is always deployed to the appropriate system. All images are captured and archived to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of images, eliminating the need for removable media such as CDs and DVDs.

Centralized, Unattended Deployment

All stored images can be provisioned over the network from the centralized library reducing the time and effort required for deployment and eliminating the need for boot and image disks─even for bare-metal build outs. Once the deployment packages have been assembled, administrators can deploy the packages remotely to any network connected system from the administrative console, or locally from a boot menu dynamically generated by the K2000.

Windows Driver Library

Finding the correct drivers for the appropriate hardware and operating system can be a tedious and time-intensive task. Fortunately, the K2000 does all the heavy lifting in the driver detection process by verifying driver compatibility with designated operating system installations. Users can easily add and remove driver files to make changes to the driver library. Furthermore, the K2000 driver harvesting utility allows you to easily upload all the drivers of any known valid system on your network to the K2000.

Windows User State Management

The K2000 centrally captures, stores, and deploys user-specific settings and files to make operating system migrations and computer upgrades run as smooth as possible. Administrators can easily designate a user state to be deployed alongside an image or network OS install. As a result, the K2000 reduces the risk of losing valuable information during deployments. Furthermore, K2000 user state migration reduces the cost associated with a deployment by minimizing end-user downtime—you will never have to ask users to back up and restore their files and settings before an operating system or computer migration again.

KACE Virtual Remote Appliance

The K2000 solution seamlessly extends to remote sites via the K2000 virtual remote appliance. The K2000 virtual remote appliance allows administrators to easily stage images, network OS installations and their related assets such as drivers, applications and scripts at remote sites. The K2000 also automatically keeps assets at remote sites up to date via smart synchronization of only changes, easing maintenance and reducing network impact.

USB and CD support

USB and CD capabilities provide a convenient mechanism to locally boot remote systems to KBE on a USB drive or from CD and then connect to the centralized K2000 for access to the full deployment library. KBE USB and CD are a convenient option for smaller sites where a K2000 virtual remote appliance is not practical. For computers that lack a good Internet connection, the K2000 allows you to include a K-image along with KBE in a USB drive for a fully stand alone installation.