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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
The easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable systems deployment solution.

Task EngineNew Feature

Make sure your deployments go smoothly and enable true ‘lights off’ deployment with a powerful engine that controls the order of a deployment’s tasks, makes sure reboots are handled gracefully and ensures that the K2000 server is updated in real time with the status of each targeted device’s deployment.

Disk Imaging

The innovative disk imaging features of the KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance keep image creation and maintenance to a minimum by eliminating manual steps from the deployment process.

Windows Driver Management

The K2000 driver feed automatically downloads the latest drivers right to your appliance, organized by computer model. One click adds the latest drivers for the machines you support, where they’re automatically used by scripted installs. For other cases, the driver harvesting tool allows you to upload drivers from a machine you’ve updated manually and KBE driver inventory lets you get as close to the metal as you’d like, down to the Windows Device Identifier.

Centralized Deployment Library

The K2000 deployment library is a global, centralized deployment library that eases systems provisioning, image storage and management.

Remote Site Management and Remote Administration

The K2000 offers a variety of remote site management and remote administration capabilities that allow for the effective deployment of systems at remotes sites, which can dramatically reduce the time and resource required to effectively manage them.

Computer Inventory Scanning and Assessment

The K2000 Deployment Appliance allows administrators to easily identify target machines and determine their hardware specifications and driver requirements.

MulticastingNew Feature

Greatly improve large scale imaging speed and reliability and reduce network bandwidth by deploying the same ‘bits’ of a deployment simultaneously to multiple devices.

Windows Network OS Install

The network OS installation (scripted installation) capability of the K2000 provides hardware independent PC provisioning of systems by making it easy to deploy a standard Windows setup from scratch over the network.

Windows User State Migration

With K2000 user state migration, you can deploy user-specific files and settings along with an operating system and applications, reducing the risk of losing critical information.

Pre and Post Deployment Configuration

The K2000 provides complete remote configuration covering pre and post deployment, reducing costs and increasing PC provisioning reliability and control by automating the full deployment life cycle.

System Repair and Recovery

The K2000 enables remote recovery of corrupted systems that are unable to boot to the local hard drive, reducing deployment costs and time by eliminating desk visits to systems that fail to provision correctly or become corrupted over time.


The K2000 has been designed to be exceptionally easy to administer and maintain, and features an easy-to-use web-based interface, built-in reporting, and automated maintenance.