KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Why Dell KACE

Dell KACE Saves You Time and Saves Your Organization Money

As a systems management professional, you play many roles: Desktop Administrator, Network Administrator, Service Desk Manager, System Administrator, among others. You are under constant pressure to do more with less, ensure security and compliance, improve the accuracy of IT inventory and speed service desk responsiveness.

Unfortunately, sourcing a pre-integrated suite of computer management, asset management, service desk, patch management and IT inventory that are comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable seems impossible. To date, the options have been limited.

  1. Bad Option #1
    Use a combination of point solutions, free tools and custom scripts to manage day to day tasks, and be forced to deal with the added cost and complexity of deploying and administering multiple products, while plugging gaps in the “solution” with manual processes.
  2. Bad Option #2
    Overpay for a desktop and computer management software suite designed for the largest of companies; struggle to learn how to use the solution and show the associated return.

Dell KACE Appliance Alternative to Computer Management Software

Systems management professionals in today's organization are forced to wear many hats. Often this is because the size and sophistication of their environment has grown, but the staff and budgetary resources necessary to manage it have not kept pace. KACE Appliances were designed with you in mind. Leveraging an appliance-based solution, KACE Appliances are designed to help save you time and save your organization money. The award-winning KACE Family of Appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management capabilities. KACE customers typically install in one day and train online in hours, all with a solution that has a low total cost. And KACE Appliances can help eliminate expensive professional services and costly offsite training and are virtually maintenance free.

Compare Competitive Costs, Calculate ROI Quickly and Easily

When comparing a Dell KACE  Appliance with traditional computer management software packages, you will find that KACE Appliances deliver similar functionality, yet can have faster deployment time, reduced training time and a low total cost. See the impact the KACE Appliance will have on your environment with the EMA Systems Management Cost Calculator. This makes the appliance the perfect fit for organizations that seek a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for managing and deploying systems across their network, yet want a solution they can get up and running quickly and easily. To find out more about how these numbers are calculated and how the KACE Appliance stacks up functionally, read the  EMA report Best Practices in Lifecycle Management.

In our most recent customer survey, more than half of KACE users told us that the KACE Appliance paid for itself in six months or less.* Learn more about how the KACE Appliance can provide effective, comprehensive systems management while delivering the fast return critical in a down economy. Read the recent white paper Top 10 Ways to Increase IT ROI without Adding Staff, uncover your own projected savings using the ROI calculator, or simply request a personalized, free ROI assessment from one of our experts.

*Based on a November 2013 survey of North American KACE customers.