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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

The Management Services Layer

Automating System Maintenance and Upgrades

An appliance-based architecture keeps maintenance costs low. KACE Appliances perform automatic backup and recovery, logging, patching downloads and a nightly security audit on all of its internal systems. Each evening the KACE Appliance verifies the health of all systems and conducts regular maintenance on its hardware, storage, and security components. This eliminates many maintenance procedures that have traditionally been done manually, saving significant time. In addition, KACE Appliances feature built-in process monitoring and ensures processes are running to further improve the systems availability and avoid disruption to operations.

In addition to automating monotonous maintenance tasks, the KACE Appliance is self tuning. As management policies are put in place, the appliance automatically distributes all client communications across a configurable polling interval to reduce appliance load and network utilization spikes. As a result, the ongoing tuning requirements of the system are minimized.

When it is time to update or upgrade the appliance software, KACE Appliance’s “one-click” update functionality means that all layers from the operating system through to the application are patched and updated automatically. All management data is also automatically and seamlessly migrated to new versions. Automated updates enable organizations to quickly take advantage of new appliance functionality without the headaches and costs of traditional upgrades.