KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

The Dell KACE Family of Systems Management Appliances

Saves you time and your company money versus traditional computer management software solutions

Our vision at Dell KACE is to provide a comprehensive systems management appliance-based solution to systems management, to save time for systems administration professionals, while saving money for their organizations. The Dell KACE Family of Systems Management Appliances are easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable and can fulfill the systems management needs of organizations of all sizes, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

System Lifecycle Management Image capture Zero touch OS deployment Multicasting User state migration Remote site support Discovery & inventory Asset management  Software distribution Reporting & compliance  User environment management Patch management Configuration management Policy enforcement Vulnerability scanning Privilege management Service desk User portal & self service Monitoring & altering Remote control Mobile Access

The Appliance Advantage

KACE Appliances make efficient computer, server and mobile device management a reality by providing a low cost alternative to computer management software using an appliance-based architecture. Simply plug the appliance into your network, give it an IP address and you are ready to begin managing all your desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines, tablets and smartphones. Unlike traditional computer management software, KACE Appliances typically deploy in one day. And because KACE Appliances are fully integrated and pre-configured, there are no hardware or software pre-requisites, no professional service fees and no hidden costs. It's all in the appliance!

KACE Appliances - Scaled for User Needs

The Dell KACE Series Appliances address the management of the complete systems lifecycle, from deployment to retirement, by offering a fully functional appliance-based systems management solution. They are available in models that are designed to scale to the needs of growing organizations, without the disruptive migration path common with traditional software upgrades.

The Dell KACE K Series Appliances

  • Comprehensive

    Whatever the need, KACE Appliances pre-integrate and pre-configure the functionality required to solve your systems management challenges. From initial operating system deployment to hardware and software inventory, software deployment, application distribution, asset management, endpoint security, patch management and service desk functionality, KACE Appliances can help do it all. KACE Appliances support all popular operating systems and can manage all of your computing devices, enterprise-wide. They offer a truly integrated, centralized solution for all of your systems management needs.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Built from the ground up to enable systems administrators of every level and background, KACE Appliances are an easy-to-use systems management solution. From its simple plug and play architecture which virtually eliminates installation and maintenance, to its familiar web-like tabbed interface, KACE Appliances are sure to transform any systems management generalist into a systems management guru, not in months or years, but days and weeks.

  • Affordable

    KACE Appliance owners enjoy a low total cost of ownership. From plug and play deployment, to the ability to perform "one click" appliance software updates, and automated maintenance such as nightly backup, KACE Appliances are designed to be both immediately productive as well as trouble-free for the long term, ultimately saving you time and money.

  • To see a side-by-side cost comparison of KACE Appliances and competitive solutions, try the EMA Systems Management Cost Calculator. Or, for a detailed third-party cost and feature comparison, check out the white paper by Enterprise Management Associates titled Best Practices in Lifecycle Management: Comparing KACE, Altiris, LANDesk, and Microsoft SMS. The KACE Appliances are available in three different deployment options from on premise physical or virtual solutions or as a hosted, cloud service via K1000 as a Service*.


    * K1000 as a Service may not be available in all regions, please check with your local sales representative for availability.