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Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance
Extend proven systems management solutions to tablets, iPads and smartphones

Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance for Tablets, iPads and Smartphones

As workforce patterns shift, organizations are increasingly required to support multiple devices as employees use smartphones, tablets and iPads in addition to their PCs or laptops. Ensuring secure access to and protection of corporate data and applications on mobile devices is one of the most complex challenges facing IT. In an “anytime, anywhere, any device” environment, IT needs to empower employees to work on their device of choice, while still ensuring the security compliance and data loss prevention necessary to obtain enhanced employee productivity.

Dell KACE Appliances empower IT groups to solve the challenge of supporting and securing mobile devices whether corporate owned or BYOD. Unlike standalone MDM solutions, the KACE solution offers mobile device management functionality as a simple extension of the comprehensive system management capabilities it offers. This empowers users with a consistent and flexible way to manage laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines, tablets and smartphones. The appliances greatly simplify the complex processes of solution deployment, device provisioning and security policy enforcement, enabling IT to be up and running quickly. The K3000 Mobile Management Appliance has the following capabilities that help IT deploy MDM quickly and efficiently:

  • NEW! Dynamic Grouping
    K3000 simplifies group creation and allows administrators the flexibility to define groups based on multiple customizable criteria, drastically the reducing complexity of policy, profile and app management for mobile devices.
  • NEW! Simplified Configuration, Policy and Profile Management
    K3000 can enforce and manage configurations to implement and install corporate IT policies upon device enrollment, and allows for the creation and management of profiles for security and settings on managed mobile devices. Policy creation is easier than ever with the K3000 as IT can create and push one policy for Android and iOS devices, without need for separate policies for each platform.
  • Mobile Device Inventory Management and Tracking
    K3000 mobile device inventory and tracking detects and tracks mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are enrolled with the server, and can inventory applications and profiles on the devices through managed agents.
  • Mobile Device Provisioning and Setup
    K3000 single-step secure setup simplifies the process of provisioning mobile devices through over-the-air deployment of agents to devices, to get you up and running in minutes.
  • Application Deployment and Management
    K3000 application management pushes free and paid apps from the platform App Store to your devices, and can also push apps directly to your devices when they are enrolled.
  • Mobile Device and Data Security
    K3000 mobile device and data security protects corporate data on mobile devices through profile management, device lock and unlock, remote enterprise wipe and remote factory reset features
  • User Portal
    The K3000 enables user self-help through the user portal where users can view their own inventory, download approved software and manage settings on their mobile devices.
  • Notifications, Alerts, Messaging and Integrated App Launch
    K3000 messaging allows alerts to individual mobile devices or groups of devices. Integrated app launching allows users to launch apps from within the notifications, providing a seamless user-experience.
  • Automated IT Administration
    All K3000 administrative tasks are accomplished via an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface allowing administrators to quickly accomplish a wide breadth of systems administration tasks. IT can define different user roles for a more granular approach to device administration and management.
  • IT Reporting and Dashboards
    The K3000 provides prepackaged reports and data downloading tools to easily generate routine and ad hoc reports either on the appliance or through your own tools. In addition, K1000 integration allows for the use of the entire suite of K1000 reporting tools.
  • Integration with the K1000
    The K3000 has multiple points of integration with the K1000, including unified reporting, service desk, integration, single sign-on and fast UI switching between the K3000, K2000, and the K1000 Appliances. The unified inventory view provides a holistic view of PCs, servers and mobile devices.