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ITNinja is an independent community operated by Dell KACE. Founder, Bob Kelly (founder of, Author and Microsoft MVP) provides videos and articles and works day-to-day in the moderation and approval of content to ensure quality of the materials. ITNinja provides a much needed resource having established a home for the community of IT professionals focused on application and system deployment. ITNinja provides a place to share notes, ask questions and read about tools and techniques that can make all the difference in the world when tackling this otherwise intimidating challenge.

There are a number of resources at ITNinja. Below is a summary of some of the most popular items in order for you to quickly determine which areas will be of greatest value:

Package Knowledge Base - A place for sharing facts as they relate to specific versions of specific applications. Members contribute regularly and each submission is reviewed and edited before being made available to the community.

Software Knowledge Base – Leveraging data provided by opt-in users of Dell KACE Management Appliances, members have access to over 150,000 software listings. Each entry provides details including name, version, manufacturer, command line tips, threat level and software category listings.

Community Message Boards – Several active message boards are available where the community congregates to ask and answer questions from their peers. Forum threads are updated in real time and are not actively moderated to allow quick interaction between members. However, every post that is made is reviewed soon after it is posted to ensure there is no spamming, sharing of in appropriate information, or other problem information posted.

Video Library – Featuring over 6 hours of instructional video presentations and demonstrations, members are offered free, on-demand training on popular topics including how to deploy some common applications, best practices around deployment and repackaging, and how to take advantage of some of the more complex capabilities of the Windows Installer. Other desktop deployment topics also include Microsoft’s Windows PE and Remote Installation Services.

MSI Error Database - Windows Installer can be very complex to manage and troubleshoot. As such, it has its own internal set of error codes and messages unique to the Windows Installer. This online database describes each of the possible errors that may be encountered with suggestions and links to help on each.

AppDeploy Repackager
The AppDeploy Repackager is a freeware repackager which lets users perform a before/after snapshot to determine the contents needed to build a Windows Installer setup. It also makes use of a sharable project file which lets the ITNinja community share their work to help others.

AppDeploy Live
ITNinja feeds data directly to the deployment console of the KACE Management Appliance for contextual help from the community, right where you need it.

Over 500,000 visitors each month, viewing over a million pages. The site was a finalist for the 2008 and 2009 CODiE awards and is top rated among IT websites.