Easy-to-use, Comprehensive and Affordable Systems Management
I describe the K1000, K2000 Appliances as basically Altiris on steroids. We were able to do everything we could with Altiris, but the thing is it was so much easier.
Kevin George, IT Analyst II
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Free Tools

Dell KACE has always excelled in providing organizations with easy-to-use, affordable and comprehensive systems management solutions using an appliance-based approach. For a preview of how more effective IT management can assist in both personal and business ways, we’re offering the following free tools. We hope you’ll find them useful in your day to day work, and if you have any comments or feedback, please visit our user forums at ITNinja.com.

AppDeploy Repackager

The AppDeploy Repackager is a Windows Installer repackaging tool for converting legacy setups to the Windows Installer (MSI) format. Windows Installer setups offer many great administrative benefits including extensive command line support, self-healing, detailed logging and even roll back of changes in the event of an installation error.

Virtual Disk Utility

The Virtual Disk Utility provides a new means of managing files and data in a secure and portable manner. It does so by providing a mountable, encryptable, cross-platform file for the storage of data and documents. It is comparable to a USB drive in that is mounted as a drive letter in Windows Explorer and appears in the Devices list within the Mac Finder.

Process Director for Windows

Process Director for Windows unlocks a world of previously hidden and inaccessible system activity. It provides an integrated suite of advanced tools for viewing and manipulating active processes, threads, services and users. Through Process Director for Windows, administrators may gain a complete view and control over their processes, applications, services, devices, users and the entire Windows system.