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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products

Technology Partners


KACE and Apple have partnered to provide comprehensive systems management capabilities such as inventory, deployment, software distribution and patching, asset management and service desk for Mac desktops, laptops and servers.  

    Bomgar Corporation

    KACE and Bomgar together enable support organizations to improve customer satisfaction through a comprehensive and easy to use service desk solution with integrated remote collaboration capabilities that offers superior quality of service and faster resolution times. IT administrators can initiate a Bomgar remote support session with a single click from the KACE Appliance's Web-based user interface to take control of the system and diagnose and fix issues. The integration with Bomgar saves time and money for organizations by enabling them to remotely diagnose and address incidents thereby allowing them to cut travel costs, optimize IT labor costs, lower cost per call, reduce employee downtime, improve first call resolution rates and resolve issues much faster than ever before.


      KACE and Canonical have partnered to provide full life cycle management for Ubuntu Linux systems. The KACE Family of Appliances seamlessly manage the Ubuntu Linux versions to offer device discovery, inventory, software distribution, asset management, configuration & policy management, endpoint security and reporting capabilities.

        Dell SecureWorks®

        KACE and SecureWorks together offer products and services to help organizations achieve and maintain PCI Compliance. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) developed security standards to address the alarming rise in credit fraud losses, and organizations that store or process payment card information are required to be PCI compliant with huge penalties for non-compliance. Dell SecureWorks provides world-class information security services to help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations like PCI and reduce security costs. Dell KACE provides critical system management capabilities that enable organizations to implement and maintain PCI Compliance. Dell KACE and Dell SecureWorks together offer an end to end solution for customers from initial consultation, assessment, design, architecture and implementation of security solutions that accelerate their journey to PCI Compliance.

          Dell Data Protection | Encryption

          Dell KACE and Dell Data Protection|Encryption (DDPE) work together to complement and reinforce systems management best practices and strong data protection. These two solutions work side-by-side to more easily enable IT Administrators to manage the configuration of systems and applications, and protect the data on those systems by making it easier to deploy data protection tools. Equally importantly they reduce the work of both enforcing policies and proving compliance, by simplifying the deployment, configuration, reporting and auditing of systems and their security.


            Together Dell KACE and Faronics provide stronger desktop security and an easier route to compliance, simplifying management of computer environments with Deep Freeze. KACE solutions enable customers to easily control and manage both the Windows and Mac editions of Deep Freeze along with all other systems from a single management appliance. Faronics Deep Freeze is a unique reboot-to-restore solution that preserves your computer’s configuration. Any changes - either malicious or intentional - are eliminated with a simple restart, increasing security, extending computer's life-cycle and creating substantial operational savings.

              Intel Corporation

              KACE and Intel together offer enhanced remote management and recovery capabilities that save time and money for organizations. Intel® technology is ubiquitous and runs 80% of the computing systems in the world. Business PCs powered by the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family deliver performance you can see-in maximized hardware-assisted security, in easier PC management, and in greater user responsiveness and adaptability. The KACE Appliances integrate with Intel vPro technology to manage and recover crashed systems even if they are located thousands of miles away. This enables customers to remotely address hardware related issues thereby allowing them to cut travel and shipping expenses, optimize IT labor costs and resolve issues much faster than ever before.


                KACE and Lumension have partnered to allow KACE to embed the industry’s leading patch management engine directly into the leading systems management appliance, the KACE™ Systems Management Appliance.

                  Microsoft Corporation

                  KACE and Microsoft® have partnered to provide full life cycle deployment and management of hundreds of thousands of desktops, laptops and servers running a wide range of Window’s operating systems. The KACE Family of Appliances provides deployment and management capabilities such as OS provisioning, inventory, asset management, software distribution and patching, configuration management, security and service desk for Windows OS environments. KACE also supports the Microsoft App-V technology that enables the admin to convert traditional applications into virtual applications and deploy and manage virtual applications.


                    Dell KACE™ technology partner solutions are based on best practices gained from implementing systems for organizations with varying technology needs, and are designed to provide immediate customer benefits. This technical brief is intended to demonstrate the advantage of using the KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance (K1000) together with NetVault™ Backup to simplify administration of backup solutions. The KACE K1000 Management Appliance can be leveraged to automate workstation protection by deploying, providing integrated status, and launching incremental backups from the K1000 interface.

                      Red Hat

                      KACE and Red Hat have partnered to provide full lifecycle management for desktops, laptops and servers running Red Hat operating systems.


                        KACE and SUSE have partnered to provide full life cycle management of SUSE Linux Enterprise desktops, laptops and servers. The KACE Family of Appliances seamlessly manage SUSE Linux Enterprise systems to offer device discovery, inventory, software distribution, asset management, configuration & policy management, endpoint security and reporting capabilities.


                          KACE and VMware partner to improve the manageability of VMware virtual environments.  The KACE Family of Appliances seamlessly manages VMware products and virtual computers through a variety of features such as inventory, software distribution, patching and vState Management. vState Management allows administrators to re-provision or reconfigure virtual machines based on a centrally defined system image, saving valuable time and money.