DriverFeed Builder


Driver feed builder is designed to help you create driver feeds to be used with either a K2 running 3.3 with driver feed workaround in place or a K2 running 3.4.

How to install:
Driver Feed Builder is a simple standalone application that can be ran from the machine you wish to build an answer file for or from an offboard location such as USB key.

How to use:
1.    Launch Driver Feed Builder from the Model of computer you wish to create a feed for.
2.    Select OS and Architecture you wish to create a feed for.
3.    Browse to the hardware drivers you downloaded from the manufacturer. (Note: There is no need to pre extract .exe)
4.    Once your done browsing to each hardware drive you with to add to feed select “Create Feed”.
5.    Driver Feed Builder will no extract the contents of all the selected executable as upload them into the appropriate directory structure.

How Driver Feed Builder works:
Driver Feed Builder maps a network drive from the machine in which your running the tool from. Once the drive has been mapped it runs the appropriate WMI calls to gather manufacturer and model information and creates the directories with the “drivers_postinstall” share. The tool then leverages 7zip to crack open the .exe that were selected and uploads then content to the newly created directory ready for use by your scripted install!


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