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K2000 Useful scripts

These K2000 scripts are provided as a convenience for our customers, written by our support technicians here at KACE. They have not been production tested by our QA team. Please pay attention to the version compatibility and requirements. Each script has a readme file to go with it.

Desktop Utilities

-KBE Manipulator
     by: Corey A. Serrins

-K-Series Package Export Report
     by: Patrick Warme

-Sysprep Creator Wizard
     by: Kent Feid

     by: Kent Feid


-Retain machines current KUID
     by: Corey A. Serrins

-Get/Set Computer Name
     by: Corey A. Serrins and Kent Feid

-Rename a Macintosh as a PO from a text file
     by: Corey A. Serrins

     by Corey A. Serrins

-Windows 7 PostInstall Converter
     by: Corey A. Serrins and Patrick Warme

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