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Dell KACE, produits de gestion des systèmes des postes de travail et autres terminaux

KACE™ - the Leading Systems Management Appliance Company

Comprehensive Appliance-Based Alternative to PC Management Software Solutions

KACE is the leading systems management appliance company. The award-winning KACE family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management capabilities, a true alternative to PC management software-only solutions that require hardware and software pre-requisites and expensive professional services fees to get them operational. That means that the KBOX appliance will save you time, and your company money. KACE appliances usually install in one day at the lowest total cost compared to software alternatives. That has been a key factor in helping the KBOX win industry recognition, like the Gartner 2008 Cool Vendor Award.

At KACE, we address the challenges that businesses face in managing their software and server management infrastructure through the lens of the medium enterprise, what we also call the Fortune 100,000—the 100,000 companies following the Fortune 1,000, companies ranging in size from 100 to 10,000 employees. We believe that these companies and organizations require an alternative to traditional PC management software solutions, a completely different kind of systems management platform. These organizations, like your own, are trying to effectively manage the increasing size and complexity of their systems environments, often without the fiscal and staff resources of their larger counterparts. Still, until now, most of the PC management software options available have simply been too complex and resource intensive themselves to be effective.  

KBOX™ by KACE offers a powerful appliance-based alternative to PC management software with capabilities to manage the entire life-cycle of end-point desktop, laptop and server infrastructure, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement. The KBOX solution includes the entire continuum from first time systems provisioning to computer inventory and asset management, application update and deployment to patch management and vulnerability remediation. But the power reaches far beyond these specific features. KBOX has earned its market-leading status by offering all of those things along with three key differentiators that are critical to medium enterprises:


Built from the ground up to engage systems management professionals of every level and background, KBOX is by far the easiest systems management solution available. From its simple plug and play architecture which virtually eliminates administration, to its intuitive tabbed UI, KBOX is sure to transform your systems management generalist into a systems management guru, not in month or years, but days and weeks.


KBOX appliances pre-integrate and deliver all of the functionality needed to solve your end-to-end systems management challenges. From initial OS deployment to software and hardware inventory and distribution, patches, security, service desk, asset management and more, KBOX does it all.


KACE appliance owners enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership compared to software alternatives. From plug and play deployment, to the ability to perform “one click” appliance software updates, and automated maintenance such as nightly backup, KACE appliances are designed to be both immediately productive as well as trouble-free for the long term, ultimately saving you the most time and money.

Check out the white paper by industry analyst Andi Mann from Enterprise Management Associates to see an independent review of the cost advantage that KBOX enjoys. KACE is the only company offering an innovative, appliance-based approach that solves hard systems management problems. Read more in the EMA White Paper Addressing the IT Requirements of The Fortune 100,000: A Case for Systems Management Appliances.