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Deploying Office 2010: Tools to Address Application Compatibility

A recent study by Dimensional Research* reveals that while enthusiasm for the enhanced performance, authoring, editing and social media capabilities offered by Microsoft's® Office 2010 is driving planned deployment, almost 70% of those IT professionals polled have significant concerns around the complexity involved in an actual migration. Among the top hurdles is application incompatibility.

There is help. Several tools are available to assess and address application compatibility issues with Office 2010. The new Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT) is a scanner that can identify add-ins and applications that interact with multiple Office versions to determine compatibility. Microsoft also recently updated their Office 2010 Application Compatibility Guide, offering a more streamlined process for application compatibility testing and remediation for Office 2010 deployments. It helps identify compatibility issues and then assists to develop plans to fix them.

If you are among the many IT professionals who plan to deploy Office 2010 this year, you'll also want to view our on-demand webinar: Office 2010 – Technical ABC's for Streamlined Deployment. Check it out to learn more ways to address application compatibility issues, as well as overcome other common 2010 deployment challenges.



Wynn White
Vice President of Marketing, Dell KACE.

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