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KACE Endpoint Systems Management Products
The Dell KACE Appliance solution is probably the best investment I think we've made for the function we get back...I don't think we would be able to operate the same way without it.
Nick Hidalgo, Director of IT
Redner's Markets Inc.

KACE Studies

Dell KACE Appliances are deployed across all industries and the globe. Read the following KACE Studies to see how leading organizations are addressing their system management needs with KACE Appliances.

Academy School District 20

"The KACE Appliance has saved us an immense amount of time. To think about one site that has several hundred computers, and then to have to manually go and see what programs need to be installed, or try to run Windows updates- to get them up to speed (without the KACE Appliance) would have taken an extra year. It would have been an outrageous amount of time without the appliance." - Rich Battin, IT Support Services, Academy School District 20

Ackerman Charter School District

“I could not imagine having to run our network and our computers without KACE. It is an integrated part in our environment now, one of our backbone entities really.” — Ian Byerrum, Technology Support Coordinator


"We expect personnel to work more productively because they don't have to call us over IT problems thanks to the Dell KACE Appliances." - Roman Breitling, Head of IT, ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

AIA Associés

"We’ll be able to streamline processes and respond faster to employee needs with our KACE Systems Management Appliance." - Johnny Brochard, IT Director, AIA Associés

Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company

"Immediately after deploying our KACE Appliance we began reaping benefits that we long wanted with our other software solution, but simply were not able to achieve. Along with being easy-to-use and offering incredible time savings with the tasks that we perform each day, we found the KACE Appliance to be incredibly flexible and reliable." - Jeff Jones, Supervisor of Computer Operations, Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company

Antioch Unified School District

"We agree with our students about how important it is to save energy, which we can do with our Dell KACE Appliance." - Bennie Driskell, Supervisor of Technology Support, AUSD


Haiti is a third-world country, and most Haitians do not have the luxury of using technology everyday; yet they learned how to use the Dell KACE Appliances within two days." - Obaid Omer, CIS Supervisor, ATCO

Banks Holdings Limited

"With the level of transparency we're getting from KACE, we can show management the true cost of IT for each business unit." - Glyne Griffith, Group IT Manager, Banks Holdings Limited

Building Controls and Services, Inc. (BCS)

"We'd have needed at least one extra IT team member to achieve this level of service if it wasn't for the Dell KACE Appliances, so you could say we're saving at least one entry-level salary." - Brian Hall, Network System Engineer, BCS


"We'll save up to $60,000 per year in travel costs with our Dell KACE solution." - Jorge Ruano Calderon, IT Manager, Bio-PAPPEL

Black Diamond

"“I was sold on the Dell KACE Appliance from day one. The price point was perfect, and we liked the fact that everything we needed–inventory management, patching and compliance–was wrapped up into an all-in-one solution." - Matt May, service desk analyst at Black Diamond


"If you call me next year, I’ll still be using the Dell KACE appliances, because they just work." - Scott Carstens, Information Technology Systems Manager, Broadsoft

Caterham F1 Team

"Now we have a comprehensive set of tools for patch management and inventory control, and we can install images remotely." - William Morrison, IT Infrastructure Manager, Caterham F1 Team

Charlotte School of Law

"We were absolutely blown away by the breadth of features the K1000 Management Appliance offered." - Ryan Haylock, Director of IT Services at Charlotte School of Law

Chino Valley Unified School District

"If we need to replace a broken PC in a lab, we simply plug in the new one, name it as part of the lab group, and all the right software just appears." - Georges Khairallah, Network Specialist, Chino Valley Unified School District

Church of the Highlands

“When more than 26,000 people are depending on us to make a service happen, it’s great to have Dell supporting our entire infrastructure.” - Shane Hamlin, IT Manager

City of Columbia

"The thing I appreciate most about our KACE Appliance solution is that it saves our IT team a tremendous amount time and that translates to a great deal of money." - Rick Harrison, MIS director at the City of Columbia

City of Wagga Wagga

"It’s a complete management system that allows us to take full control of the PCs. We have gained benefit from the KACE Appliance from day-one." - Michael Schmid, Manager of Information Technology, City of Wagga Wagga


"Previously users couldn't get a response to a service ticket for days. In our first month with Dell KACE, we cut response time to four hours making it easier for users to contact IT and providing deeper insight into our pain points." - Robert Kresko, Manager for IT Support Services, CLEAResult

Coal Services

"When traveling between sites, we can still gain access to our IT infrastructure through the KACE appliances. We have the tools to manage environments remotely and keep systems highly available." - Matthew Fanning, Lead VR Technician, Coal Services


"The ability to fully automate software distribution and patch management has reduced the time investment needed from administration by more than 160 hours per year combined, allowing them to focus instead on more strategic initiatives." - Gene Glekel, National Director of IT, Cresa

Drexel University, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design

"We’ve eliminated — not reduced, but eliminated — overtime spend during break week. We went from 100 extra hours to finishing a day and a half early with the KACE appliance." - Jason Rappaport, Director of IT, Drexel University, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design


"It took just 15 minutes to get our Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance up and running in our network. Straightaway we could see how intuitive it was to operate." - Gwendal Rosiaux, IT and Telecommunications Department Manager, EHESP


"I can do a week's work in half a day with Dell KACE K1000. We're very satisfied with the solution." - Tamas Turi, IT Support and System Engineer, Expereo


"[We have been able] to maintain an aggressive deployment schedule without adding IT staff." - Michael Henderson, Director of Operations, Golfsmith

Green Clinic Health System

“Dell KACE helped us speed up deployment of the EMR system, which helps doctors diagnose patients more accurately and enhances the overall quality of patient care.” - Jason Thomas, CIO and IT Director, Green Clinic

Grow Financial Credit Union

“[Our Dell KACE Appliance] is so efficient that if someone suspects their machine has a virus, we just reimage it; we don't have to waste time investigating. I've avoided hiring an additional full-time staff member because of the time the Dell KACE appliance has saved us.” -James Stock, Assistant Vice President of Network Services, Grow Financial Credit Union

Hendry Regional Medical Center

"We're a small rural hospital, but with Dell we've been able to do things much larger hospitals only dream about." - Leon Hoover, CIO, Hendry Regional Medical Center


“By helping our employees get their work done more efficiently, the Dell-based virtual infrastructure is helping grow our business.”
- Michael Pacha, IT Director, HFF

1859 Historic Hotels

“It used to take us four to six hours to deploy a machine, but with the KACE solutions, we can have it done in 30 minutes.” - Daniel Dick, IT Director, 1859 Historic Hotels LTD

Ipanema Technologies

"Now, with the K1000 appliances, we can generate a report in an hour that tells us how many licences and which versions of software we have." - Stephane Gros, IT Manager, Ipanema Technologies

Isambard Community School

"With KACE, we are able to manage all our desktops regardless of the different operating systems from one central point and at a cost-effective price." - Matt Garland, IT Network Manager at Isambard Community School

Island Hospital

"We estimate we saved over $110,000 during the first year alone using the KACE Appliance. Seriously, the hardest part of deploying the KACE Appliance was running the wires! Most important, however is the technology gave us back hundreds of work hours." - Steve Coryell, IT Assistant Director at Island Hospital

Keller Independent School District

“Instead of spending 95 percent of our time on break/fix and 5 percent on new projects, we’re spending 50 percent on break/fix and 50 percent on innovation—a 10-fold increase because of Dell co-sourcing and the Dell KACE Appliances.” Joe Griffin, Chief Technology Officer, Keller ISD

Kerrville Independent School District

“Once we have all our software scripted and tested, we expect to increase efficiency by 40 percent by using our Dell KACE 1200 appliance to automate management tasks.” - Travis Cochran, Chief Technology Officer, Kerrville Independent School District

KN Networks

"The whole infrastructure is now much more stable and we know it’s 100 per cent patched. We initially anticipated a return on investment in less than 12 months, but now I think we’ll beat that." - Maurice Daly, Chief Information Officer, KN Networks

Kru Somsri English School

"Instead of resolving problems in 24 hours, which often included travel to different cities, we can fix issues within 60 minutes with the Dell KACE appliance to manage PC endpoints." - Kru Somsri, Founder, Kru Somsri English School

Lake Sumter

"What KACE does is take complex tasks and boil them down to seamless efforts. We save a tremendous amount of time on IT tasks thanks to our KACE Appliance and it’s a wonderful thing." - Jim Root, CIO, Lake Sumter EMS

Law In Order

"If we discover issues in the environment that need to be modified to complete a client’s job effectively, we can roll those out very quickly with the KACE VK2000. That improves the quality of our work and allows us to be more flexible." - Paul Gooderick, Director, Law In Order

Locks Law

“By automating routine management tasks, the Dell KACE Management Appliance has eliminated the need for an additional entry level IT person, saving us about $30,000 a year.” - Chris Meyers, IT Director, Locks Law

Lowanna College

"Using the KACE appliance, we also made certain Lowanna College was fully prepared for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy and was able to effectively manage both student and school devices." - Matt Robinson, ICT Manager, Lowanna College

L&T Construction

"IT administrators have cut travel time by 63 percent thanks to the Dell KACE Appliance. They avoid losing large parts of their working day traveling." - Krishnamoorthy Balasubramanian, Senior Network Engineer, L & T Construction

Marne & Gondoire

"We no longer have staff calling to report application issues caused by the need for software updates. With the KACE appliances, we’ve switched from being a reactive IT service to a proactive service." - Yvon Mana, Head of IT, Marne & Gondoire

Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School

"We selected Dell KACE because of its ease of use. We wanted a simple solution that didn’t require two to three weeks of set up and training and really liked the fact that we could do the set up on our own." - Tom Wyman, Director of IT, MICDS

Maui County

"The KACE Virtual Appliance has delivered on all of KACE’s promises and saves us a tremendous amount of time, money and also space—all three exceptionally important aspects of systems management to us." - Carmela Ho, Computer Systems Support Technician, Maui County

Noel-Baker School

"Students are more engaged with their work as a result of the ready access to Dell desktops and laptops. The machines offer the power and performance for quick and reliable access to coursework and applications." - Lee Jepson, Network Manager, Noel-Baker School

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

"Updating software is so easy with the KACE appliance- we just set the scripting jobs and let them go. The entire software deployment process is simplified and streamlined." - John Case, Technology Coordinator, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center


"With the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance I review and approve only the updates I need to. By reducing the time I spend on this, I’ve increased the time I have to focus on strategic initiatives." - Mikko Kauttu, Chief Information Officer, Optinet

Orion Health

"We simply run a report and the K1000 will show us which machines need patching or other changes, reducing security risk. And the K1000 supports all of our machines –Linux, Mac and Windows alike."
- Brad Clark, Systems Engineer, Orion Health

Osterwalder, Lehmann Ingenieure und Geometer

"The Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance makes it quicker and easier to introduce new technologies. Installs take one hour instead of one-and-a-half days."Erich Widmer, Area Manager, Surveying, Geoinformatics and Informatics, Osterwalder, Lehmann Ingenieure und Geometer


"Once the solution is out in the field and running it’s pretty much self-managed. That’s one of the reasons we like the Dell KACE Appliances so much." - Donovan Petersen, IT Manager, Peterpans Adventure Travel


"Our decision to move forward with KACE has dramatically increased our overall IT efficiency. Our IT focus shifted from worrying how to maintain all these systems to focusing on the solution." - Eric Hart, end-user computing manager at PING

Princeton University, Office of Information Technology

“With the Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance, we can ‘set it and forget it,’ so software updates and patches get sent out to all PCs automatically.” - Pat Immordino, Manager of Software Support for the Office of Information Technology, Princeton University

Pueblo School District 70

"To think we almost hired additional IT team members to handle our growing systems management demands is laughable when in the end we just needed KACE." - Julie Budz, IT specialist at Pueblo School District 70

Redner's Markets

"Our security assessors are often on site to ensure we're meeting the PCI guidelines. We showed them the solution we were using and they were all extremely pleased with the results Dell KACE delivered." - Nick Hidalgo, Director of IT, Redner's Markets


"We're making valuable time savings on day-to-day systems maintenance thanks to the Dell KACE Appliances." Tim Wolzenburg, IT Procurement and Licence Management, REMONDIS

Resco Products

"Prior to Dell KACE my workload literally required two of me. The Dell KACE Appliances helped us eliminate the need to hire extra staff and provided the tools to help streamline our systems management tasks, freeing me up to focus on more strategic IT projects." - John Verbosky, Helpdesk Coordinator, Resco

Roanoke County Public Schools

“We’ve drastically reduced the time it takes to reimage all 6,000 laptops by using the KACE K1000 Management appliance and the K2000 Deployment appliance.” - Jeff Terry, Manager of Information Systems, Roanoke County Public Schools


"The KACE Virtual Appliance is so flexible the things we are able to do are limited only by our imaginations and ingenuity." - Scott Baehr, Systems Administrator at Rogers Retail

Royal Liver Assurance

"We recently rolled out a number of new files to the machines in one of our business units. With the KACE Appliance, it was one person and one click to deploy all 50 machines simultaneously." - Mark McCann, IS Customer Support Manager, Royal Liver

Safeway Insurance reduces storage footprint by 60%

“If we have poor performance, we’re not selling insurance. Microsoft SQL Server running on Dell EqualLogic SANs now supports the core of our business, where performance and availability are absolutely critical. Mike Leather, Director of IT Operations, Safeway Insurance Co.

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

"We were using about seven different products to perform the inventory, imaging and remote system management that we now perform with just the KACE K1000 and K2000."
- Michael Carter, Network Administrator, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools


"I used to spend around four to eight hours on a full system upgrade for each machine. With the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance, it takes me around 30 minutes." - Ari Lietzen, IT Manager, SATEL

SBB Cargo

"We estimate that the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance is helping us save more than CHF 2 million a year. Our total cost of ownership is now CHF 900,000 annually." - Heinz Hoffmann, Head of IT, SBB Informatik


"We save the equivalent of two or maybe three additional IT team members thanks to the automation in the KACE Appliances. That's great news for our customers and great news for us."- Thierry Kramis, CEO, Seabix


“ We’ve reduced the impact of patching and IT maintenance across our business. For example, we don’t interrupt users’ work by deploying updates during office hours. We use the Dell KACE VK1000 Virtual Management Appliance to complete these tasks at suitable times.” Luis de Mendonca, IT Manager, SEGA Europe


“We achieved ROI in just one year with the Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance. It will help us grow and maintain a high level of efficiency across our client estate for the long-term.” - Kim Sönksen, Head of IT, Seracell


"We would have had to hire more people to handle IT management for our growing infrastructure without KACE." - Geoffrey Webber, CIO, Shutterfly Inc.

Södertörn University

"We have been empowered by the Dell KACE technology. ...We can push ahead with our bring-your-own-device policies safe in the knowledge that we can manage access for the benefit of students and staff." - Simon Tarasewicz, IT Technician, Södertörn University, Sweden

South Coast Water District

"We were spending about 8 hours a week just managing patching functions prior to the Dell KACE Appliances." - Bryon Black, IT Manager, South Coast Water District


“ With the Dell KACE Appliances, it takes only the time needed to set up the automated task. I think it took us a quarter of the time it would have taken us to roll out our CRM solution.”
- Serge Groven, IT Team Leader, StepStone

St. Hilda’s High School

"Looking at the Dell KACE Systems Management and Systems Deployment Appliances, we saw that they could provide all the functionality that we required in one place, which would greatly reduce the teamís system management overhead." - Lee Ellis, Network Manager, St. Hilda’s High School

St Laurences College

"Gone are the days when we had to go out and fix a machine. Using the Dell KACE Appliance's service desk tickets are helping us identify issues and are now quickly closing service desk queries." - Anthony Kennedy, IT Operations Manager, St Laurence's College

St. Rita's College

“We have tripled our laptop fleet but we only need one extra technician to manage it efficiently. By automating so many management and deployment tasks, Dell KACE has saved us from having to employ additional human resources.” Keith Birch, Assistant Principal, IT and Administration, St Rita’s College


"With the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance automatic installation tool, we have reduced the time spent on software installations by at least 50 percent." - Matthias Tiedt, IT Administrator, Sysmex Europe

TBG West

"I use Desktop Authority more often than Group Policy because it's so much easier to manage. In fact, one of the most powerful features is that it's easy to see what policies you've applied and where." - Eric Sayles, Director of IT, TBG West

Truliant Federal Credit Union

"We looked at a lot of products but the KACE Appliance bundles multiple applications, which actually saves us a lot of money. It's one application instead of many." - Jason Allen, Help Desk Technician, Truliant Federal Credit Union


“Our objective was to create a dynamic data center to meet our future growth demand. Dell brought solutions that completely met Univates’ needs” - Paulo Roberto Mallmann, IT Manager, Univates

University of West Alabama

“Our engineers can easily push patches out and make configuration changes without leaving their desk." “They no longer have to visit each machine and do everything manually. And we can report on system configurations and patches—nearly 100 percent of our client systems are patched successfully with Dell KACE.- Michael Pratt, Director Office of Information Technology, University of West Alabama


“With the Dell KACE K2000, we’ve reduced the time it takes to reimage a machine from five hours down to one hour. That’s a huge timesaver not only for us, but for our end users, and helps boost productivity” Jordan Riske, Network Specialist II, USKH

US Synthetic

"We have improved our service, which has made our end users happy, and we are saving money, which makes the management team happy. The Dell KACE Appliance is a fantastic appliance and it has benefitted the company dramatically." - Jacob Lee, IT help desk administrator, US Synthetic


"During the evaluation process we looked at other solutions, but ultimately decided to go with the Dell KACE Appliances because of the cost as well as the lower operating expenses needed to keep the appliances up and running." - Abdulrauf Gehani, Manager of IT Client Services, University of Toronto Scarborough

Ward Hadaway

“Because inventory management is so efficient with the Dell KACE Appliance, there’s no risk of staff being disrupted by licensing matters and we can spend more time helping personnel provide even better services to our customers.- Greg Taylor, Head of IT, Ward Hadway


"The time we saved from the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance allowed us to put our budget to better use by taking on bigger projects." - Bob Tuttle, Senior Network Administrator, Weetabix North America

Wellington West

"The KACE Appliance is like having an employee sitting in the corner doing all the things that no one else wants to do." - David Boissonneault, Senior Information Technology Specialist,
Wellington West Capital Inc.


"Installing the Dell KACE appliance was easy and integration with our existing technology was seamless. It took no more than three to four hours." - Diana Achim, Systems Administrator, Woonzorg