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Dell KACE在通过利用基于应用方案的方法为组织提供易于使用、经济实惠以及全面的系统管理解决方案方面,一直处于领先地位。要预览IT管理在个人和业务方面如何显示出更加有效的辅助作用,可通过我们提供的以下免费工具进行了解: 我们希望您在日常工作中能够体会到它们的用处,如果您想发表任何评论或反馈,请访问我们在ITNinja.com上的论坛

KACE K1000 Express

K1000 Express

The Dell KACE K1000 Express is a free IT inventory tool designed specifically to help you inventory and manage your systems running Windows on x86 and x64 microprocessors - including laptops, desktops, servers and tablets. Easily inventory your IT environment and gain a complete view of system hardware and software inventory with the K1000 Express. In addition, for Dell systems, the K1000 Express will assess Intel® vPro™ readiness, apply Dell BIOS and driver updates and manage Dell system warranties. The K1000 Express is optimized to manage Dell Windows systems, but also manages Windows systems from other hardware manufacturers – including tablets. The K1000 Express is a free, downloadable, virtual tool that offers baseline functions of the award winning K1000 systems management appliance.

AppDeploy Repackager

AppDeploy Repackager是一款Windows Installer重新打包工具,用于将旧的安装程序转换为Windows Installer (MSI)格式。Windows Installer安装程序提供了诸多管理上的优势,包括全面的命令行支持、自我修复、详细的日志以及甚至在出现安装错误的情况下还可对更改之处进行回滚操作。