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Half of Service Desks not equipped to deal with BYOD according to Dell KACE

  • More than half (56 per cent) of IT professionals say their company's service desk either can't or won't support user-owned tablets on the network.
  • More than a third (36 per cent) of IT professionals said IT problems are tracked using spreadsheets, emails or a ‘home-grown' system because the service desk is not integrated with systems management tools.

Bracknell, UK — 4th September 2012 — A majority of company IT support teams are either unable or unwilling to support their employees who want to bring their own device (BYOD) to work, according to a survey by Dell KACE.

The UK survey reveals 56 per cent of IT professionals believe their IT service desk is ill-equipped to deal with user-owned tablets entering the network because they either can't or don't want to support them.

Some 27 per cent of the 149 survey respondents said that while their service desk can support traditional devices, they cannot support tablets. Furthermore, 18 per cent said their helpdesk can't easily support any user-owned devices and 11 per cent said they don't want to support any new devices.

"I find it worrying that organisations have a ‘can't or won't' approach to BYOD, this growing trend across organisations places additional pressure on IT to provide support," said Seann Gardiner, sales director, at EMEA Dell KACE. "It is critical that IT is able to easily manage the practice of more devices coming inside the enterprise from outside the organisation. An effective BYOD strategy supports employees. It can increase individual employee's productivity, which can have a positive effect on an organisation's performance. Companies should be looking closely at how they manage employees' BYOD attempts, in order to boost their organisation's overall productivity."  

On the subject of whether their service desk is integrated with the rest of their systems management tools, 20 per cent of IT professionals said their companies have still not integrated their systems and a lot of other tasks are carried out manually. The research also reveals that more than a third (36 per cent) of IT professionals say IT problems are tracked using spreadsheets and emails, or a ‘home-grown' system.

The survey also found that:

  • When it came to tracking and resolving IT problems, 23 per cent of IT professionals believe their organisation does not have a good overview of IT problems, stating there is some, little or no overview.
  • Some 52 per cent believe the service desk is seen as ‘the face of IT to the business — so our service levels matter'. A further 20 per cent said it was not seen as a strategic part of IT and 17 per cent said ‘users only see us when they have an IT problem'.    

Gardiner said, "Service desks need to be more integrated with other system management tools in order to have a strong overview of all their IT. Manual tracking of IT issues using spreadsheets and emails introduces a big cost overhead as well as taking a lot of time. If you can't see all IT problems, you can't fix them. To help organisations perform well, IT must automate systems management tasks which will save time and money. Integration is absolutely key in an environment where the application and device landscape is diversifying".  
Survey Methodology
Between June to August 2012, Dell KACE invited IT professionals to participate in an email survey on the topic of service desk performance. A total of 149 IT respondents completed the survey. Participants included front-line IT professionals, IT managers, IT executives and others. Participants represented a wide range of company sizes and industry verticals in the UK.

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