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Dell KACE Introduces Innovative Remote Assistance Through Dell Services

February 22, 2011
Direct2Dell blog
Cory Gasaway, Senior Product Manager for Dell KACE

Thousands of our worldwide customers have come to expect a solid mix of cutting-edge product innovation, tied to exceptional service and support. Today, I want to introduce a new Dell KACE innovation that combines our award-winning appliance-based products with new remote configuration capabilities from Dell Services, to help customers streamline IT operations and reduce operating costs.

While configuring the Dell KACE appliances is fast and straightforward, especially when compared to the complex, software-only solutions from our competitors, we understand customers sometimes don’t have the time and bandwidth required to perform configuration tasks themselves. Our appliance-based approach puts us in a unique position to assist and handle these needs remotely, when necessary. With our new remote services we offer customers the ability to let a Dell expert handle a variety of remote configuration tasks related to asset management, patch management, service desk and software distribution from afar, resulting in faster service and also lower costs through the elimination of travel and time associated with onsite support.

That’s just the beginning; the new services offer the ability to outsource the creation of custom reports. For example, customers can work with Dell experts to create reports for the K2000 appliance that can accelerate planning for a Windows 7 migration. Or for the K1000 appliance, a customer can create a custom report that shows the latest status of its software update and patch management projects.

The new Dell KACE remote configuration services is initially available in North America.

As an added bonus, we’ve engineered the new service to be monitored and viewed by customers via their smart phones. To learn more about these new services, check out /support/professional-services.

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